General Hospital 4-26-19 Recap 26th April 2019

General Hospital 4-26-19
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General Hospital 4-26-19 Recap 26th April 2019

General Hospital 4-26-19, Oscar was at the Quartermaine mansion with Cameron, Joss, Kim. and Drew. They were there to spend time with him. Jason arrived there and Oscar wanted to speak to him about something. He wanted to remind Jason how he was the executor of his will. Oscar wanted something else from him. Julian showed up at the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Olivia about Oscar and his mother. Olivia thought Julian would be the right person to help her get through her pain. Jason and Oscar went back with the others. Oscar wanted a ride on Jason’s bike. Kim didn’t like that suggestion, but Drew was okay with it. She ended up changing her mind and said it was okay for him to go with Jason.

Finn showed Robert the engagement ring he bought for Anna. Robert thought Anna would love the ring he got for her. Anna arrived so Robert had to hide the ring. Anna was ready to accept that she is Robin’s mother. She enjoyed her relationship with Finn and wouldn’t change anything about it. Finn was nervous about showing her the ring and decided not to do it anymore. He had to go to work and left the ring with Robert. After Finn left, Anna asked Robert to stop giving Finn a hard time. Robert wondered if Finn was worth it to her. She told him that he was worth it.

General Hospital 4-26-19 Recap 26th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-26-19

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Jason and Oscar came back from riding. Oscar told Jason and Drew that he would love to see them get along. Jason and Drew buried the hatchet momentarily. Oscar asked Cameron to record him saying goodbye to Josslyn. Lulu returned to Port Charles and met with Peter. Peter wanted to do a story about Ava. Peter wanted to make sure she was okay with doing the story considering what happened with Dante. She was ready to do the story. She was okay with Dante being where he is and she wanted to be with the people who love her. Peter didn’t think he could ever love anyone. She thought he could because of the way he is with Maxie and James.

Maxie was getting ready for her date when she noticed that Sasha looked sick. Sasha ended up passing out on a desk. Nina wanted to take Sasha to see a doctor. Michael went to see his parents and they were talking about the baby. They noticed that Michael was sick, but he tried to downplay what was wrong with him. Carly checked and noticed he had a fever. She wanted to take him to the hospital. Later on, Sonny and Carly talk about the baby again and Avery heard them. She wondered what they were talking about so they told her about the baby. Avery left so Sonny and Carly talked about what could go wrong with the pregnancy.

Nina took Sasha to General Hospital. She wanted Finn to make sure that Sasha was okay. Michael was also there to get a prescription He went to check on Sasha. They ended up joking about who got the other one sick. Michael wanted her to feel better. Nina and Finn went to Sasha’s room. Sasha was on the medication when she admitted that she wished Nina was her real mother.

Next on General Hospital, Shiloh demands answers. Sonny is alarmed. Margaux makes a confession.

General Hospital 4-26-19 Recap 26th April 2019.


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