General Hospital 4-3-19 Recap 3rd April 2019

General Hospital 4-3-19
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General Hospital 4-3-19 Recap 3rd April 2019

General Hospital 4-3-19, Liz talked to Bobbie about raising Lucas. She wondered if Bobbie had any regrets. Bobbie regretted not being more supportive of him when he came out to her. Liz confided in her about Aiden and she wants him to know he’s around people who love him. Joss, Trina, and Cameron were eating at Charlie’s when Oscar showed up. Trina wanted to know why she saw Joss and Oscar headed to the courthouse.

Michael ran into Sonny at the gym. Michael warned him not to go after Shiloh because he will push Kristina further away. Michael believed he could reach out to her or be there for her when she gets out. Kristina shared a secret with Shiloh. He knew it could devastate her family. He wanted her to pay $10,000 for fees. She was shocked by the amount, but she would find a way to get it. Jason and Sam met on the bridge to talk about Shiloh and Kristina. Jason doesn’t like Shiloh being so close to Sam and Danny. He believed there were other ways to deal with Shiloh. Sam wanted Kristina to get out of the DoD on her own. Sam asked Jason to tell Sonny to give her more time before he went after Shiloh.

General Hospital 4-3-19 Recap 3rd April 2019

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General Hospital 4-3-19

Oscar and Joss explained to Trina how they were tying things up at the courthouse. Trina decided to drop the subject. Kristina went to Julian and asked for more shifts. She confessed how she needed $10,000 to invest in our future. Michael showed up to talk to her. She wanted him to give her money and she promised to pay him back. He promised to be there for her.

Margaux showed up at Julian’s place. He asked about the investigation in Ryan’s case. She assured him the police would find Ryan. A little later, Julian gave Kristina the money she needed. Julian believed she would pay it back. Sam went to DoD to see Shiloh. She wanted to embrace the darkness to see the light. He wanted to blindfold her, but she wanted to blindfold herself. He was impressed by what she did. He wanted her to sense the energy around her. He wanted her to let her guard down and do what’s right. She moved close to him and told him that felt right. Shiloh said she was done for the day. Sam left so Shiloh started watching the recording of their session. Margaux showed up at Shiloh’s place for a class.

Jason met with Sonny and told him what Sam said about letting her get closer to Shiloh first. Sonny realized he might end up pushing Kristina away if he did something now. He agreed to let Michael and Sam help Kristina for now. He also had another plan to try. He knew who he could get to help.

Next on General Hospital, Josslyn calls Carly. Kim receives bad news. Laura is startled.

General Hospital 4-3-19 Recap 3rd April 2019.


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