General Hospital 4-30-19 Recap 30th April 2019

General Hospital 4-30-19
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General Hospital 4-30-19 Recap 30th April 2019

General Hospital 4-30-19, Sam looked at the files in the office at the DoD house. Milo sent her a text to let her know that Shiloh was coming. While she was hiding she ran into Shiloh. She tried to cover for why she was in the office, but he told her that she shouldn’t be in the office. She told him that she wanted to show that she is trustworthy. When she told him that she was ready, Milo showed up and asked about the courses. When Sam and Milo left, Shiloh looked at the files. He looked at her picture. He was curious about what she was going to tell him.

Valerie and Chase wondered if the D.A. was trying to help Shiloh. They didn’t listen to the D.A. They decided to look for Kristina. Valerie wanted to trace Kristina’s number. Finn asked Liz if she heard from Hayden. She said she hadn’t heard from her.

General Hospital 4-30-19 Recap 30th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-30-19

Jordan passed out. Stella went over to her. Liz and Finn went to her. They put Jordan in a bed and checked on her. When Jordan woke up, Finn told her that he was going to work on her case. He said she had an infection in her kidney. He said they needed to try something. Stella wanted to know what was going on. Curtis called Jordan, but she didn’t answer it. Liz told her to tell him the truth.

Neil and Sonny went to see Alexis, They told her that Kristina called Valerie. Alexis was upset. Neil told them what to do about Kristina. Valerie and Chase showed up. Neil hid so they wouldn’t see him. Valerie and Chase were shocked that Sonny was with her. The police asked about the phone call. Alexis said they switched phones by mistake. Valerie said they could trace the phone. Alexis said she knew where Kristina was. She didn’t want to tell them where Kristina was.

When Valerie and Chase left Alexis’ place, Sonny told her that the police were watching them now. Neil suggested that they go to a meeting. Sonny didn’t think Alexis should take the risk since the police might watch her. Franco saw Drew at the Quartermaine mansion. He had a present for Oscar. Drew said it was hard for this was for everyone. He said it was especially hard for Oscar. They talked about losing someone. Franco told him how much he missed Kiki. He said he did things until the day arrived when he didn’t feel sad about her death. Drew thanked him. Franco said he would be there for him.

Ava got a call from a blocked number. Mac took the phone from her. It turned out to be the wrong number. Kevin and Ava didn’t believe that it was a wrong number. Lulu said that the video of Ryan had a lot of views. Felicia thought that would bring Ryan back to town. Lulu and Ava made a video about being with Ryan. Ava talked about how close she was to “Kevin”. She said she fell in love with a someone who looked like Kevin. She said she was getting to know the real Kevin and he was supportive.

Kevin and Mac were afraid that Ryan would go after Felicia. Kevin said he regretted not turning Ryan to the police. He said he owed it to the people who died because of what Ryan did. Curtis gave Timmy money to find out who hired him to rob the pharmacy. Timmy didn’t know any names. He told Curtis about the bumper sticker and plate. Jordan called and asked him to come back.

Curtis went to see Jordan. Stella and Finn were there. Finn said if Jordan didn’t respond to the treatment, she would need a transplant. Sonny met with Milo and Sam. They talked about what was going on with DoD. She told them that she would have to become a member so she could have access to the pledges. She was willing to do anything.

Next on General Hospital, Liz checks in with Terry. Trina offers to help Cameron. Kim is happy to hear from Julian. Olivia reminisces. Ned checks on Monica.

General Hospital 4-30-19 Recap 30th April 2019.


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