General Hospital 4-4-19 Recap 4th April 2019

General Hospital 4-4-19
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General Hospital 4-4-19 Recap 4th April 2019

General Hospital 4-4-19, Oscar gave Joss a gift so she could think of him. She told him that she would think of him all the time. He had to do something before he went to the hospital. He played a song so they could dance. While they were dancing, he passed out. Joss called for help.

Curtis and Drew talked about what was going on with Jordan. They also talked about Oscar. Drew said that Oscar didn’t have a lot of time left. Curtis told him that he would be there for him whenever he needed him. Drew went to the hospital.

General Hospital 4-4-19 Recap 4th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-4-19

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Kim met Julian to talk. He wanted to spend the night at her place. She said they couldn’t do that because she was moving to the Quartermaine mansion. She was upset that she had to deal with Oscar dying.

Jordan met Lulu so they could talk. Jordan told her that Dante was being taken care of somewhere that she couldn’t discuss. Dante told her not to say anything. Lulu was angry that she didn’t know where he was or when he was coming back.

Jordan talked to Lulu about Ryan. She said that the feds were happy that he was dead, but she thought about something else. Jordan said she would find Ryan. When Lulu left, Curtis and Stella showed up for dinner.

Jordan couldn’t stay for dinner. Stella said she had to tell her about her dialysis. Stella said her insurance wouldn’t cover her at General Hospital. Stella was going to help her with the insurance. When Jordan got a call about Ryan, she left.

Kim and Drew met at the hospital. Joss told them what happened to Oscar. They went to see Oscar. They tried to get Oscar to wake up. They came out of the room and thanked Joss for helping Oscar.

They talked to Terry about Oscar. Terry told them the tumor has gotten bigger. Oscar wasn’t responding to the medication. She said she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t say if Oscar would wake up. Terry recommended that they give Oscar time to wake up. She told them that he might not be the same.

Kevin thanked Laura for bailing him out. He wanted to know why she did it. She thought it wouldn’t be right in there after what he has been through. He said he wanted to make things better for the people he hurt. She didn’t get why he didn’t tell her about helping Ryan. He said it wasn’t about not loving her. He said he loved her and couldn’t understand why he would risk losing her.

Laura told Kevin that Alexis gave her divorce papers, but she didn’t sign them yet. Lulu came by and was shocked to see Kevin. She thought he was Ryan. When she found out who Kevin was, he left them to talk.

Laura tried to console Lulu about Dante. Laura told her that he needed this time to get better. Lulu wanted to know how she was supposed to heal from the attack without him. She said she was broken inside. Laura told her to leave town.

Kevin went to the hospital. He found out that he couldn’t practice medicine anymore. He ran into Epiphany. She yelled at him. She told him that he didn’t belong there.

Ava had a dream about Ryan. She grabbed for her gun and told him to come and get her. She called someone so she could get better security. When the security guy showed up to fix her place, Julian came by.

Julian and Ava talked about Ryan coming after her. He wanted to move in with her until they knew Ryan was dead. She knew that Ryan was alive. She needed Julian just in case. Jordan came by and told them that Ryan was found.

Next on General Hospital, Maxie struggles with her feelings. Anna gives Peter advice. Willow is put on notice.

General Hospital 4-4-19 Recap 4th April 2019.


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