General Hospital 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

General Hospital 4-8-19
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General Hospital 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

General Hospital 4-8-19, Sonny told Jason he wanted to get rid of Shiloh. Sonny wondered if Jason was willing to go after him even after getting arrested. Jason was willing to go after him. Sonny wasn’t sure if they should wait. Jason wanted to go after him. Sam came in and said Shiloh had influential power.

Willow didn’t want to get caught kissing Chase. She thought that Shiloh would love for her to get fired and have to crawl back to DoD. Chase asked if she wanted to do that. Alexis told Neil that her daughter was in a cult. Kristina went to see Shiloh. Peter was talking to Maxie while Anna was watching them. Finn told her that he had something to ask her. Peter told Maxie that he had feelings for her. She said she didn’t know that. He opened up to her about how he felt about her. He kissed her.

General Hospital 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-8-19

Neil was willing to talk to Alexis. He wanted her to start from the beginning. She told him about Kristina and her involvement with DoD. She said she was worried that she could lose Kristina. She wanted to know what to do. He told her to do nothing.

Anna was happy that Peter kissed Maxie. She thought it was about time that they had happiness. Finn agreed. Anna wanted to know what he wanted to ask her. Peter told Maxie that he thought they would be good together. She agreed. He asked her to have dinner with him. She said had to meet Lulu. Lulu showed up and told her that she was leaving Port Charles.

Kristina told Shiloh that she got the money she needed to join DoD. She wanted to know when she was going to meet the others. He told her that she would meet them tonight. Sonny asked if Margo was a member of the cult. Sam said she was one of the followers. Jason said that would explain why she dropped the charges against him. Sam said that Margo didn’t like her in the beginning, but once she got closer to Shiloh, Margo liked her. Sonny thought that Margo was the type of person that would get caught up with Shiloh. Sam had to leave. Jason wanted her to be careful. Jason wanted to deal with Shiloh now and deal with the fall out later.

Lulu told Maxie and Peter that she was leaving tomorrow. Maxie wanted to know if she was going to be with Dante. Lulu told her that the year was exhausting for her. She told her that the things with Ryan and Dante made her need a reset. Maxie wanted to know how long she would be gone. Lulu said she wasn’t sure. Maxie understood why she had to leave. Lulu asked if she could take a leave of absence from work. Peter said he had to deny the request.

When Finn was about to propose to Anna, Robert showed up. He said he had some news on her sister. Alexis was upset with Neil’s advice. He said that Kristina was an adult and could do what she wanted. Alexis didn’t like what he was telling her. He said Kristina would see her as the enemy if she kept interfering. She would be more drawn to the cult.

Willow told Chase about what happened with Nina and Valentin. Willow told Chase that Charlotte was bullying another student. She said that they thought she was biased because she didn’t like Nina. Chase told her how to deal with the situation. Willow wanted to teach her students how to be good people. Shiloh showed up while they were talking.

Sam went to see Kristina. She asked if Shiloh was there. Kristina said he wasn’t. Sam told her that she had a sessions with Shiloh. Kristina was excited that someone else was close with him. Kristina told her that she didn’t have to worry about things. Sam wanted to know what was going on tonight.

Robert told Anna that Alex was posing as a girlfriend of a diplomat. Anna blamed herself for the diplomat losing his life. Robert said it wasn’t her fault. Anna said that Alex did her homework. Robert said that Alex knew that she would be hard on herself. Anna said she didn’t know which memories were real and which were fake.

Maxie told Peter that Lulu needed time to regroup. Lulu was sorry that she did this to him. Peter said she could leave, but he wanted her to still work for him. He wanted her to write a story about her experience. He wanted her to write a book. Peter wanted Lulu and Maxie to spend time together. Before he left, they kissed. Anna saw them kissing.

Neil told Alexis to make Kristina look at DoD in a bad light. Alexis said that she didn’t have time because her father was going to go after him. Neil wondered if she was trying to say that Sonny was going to kidnap Kristina. Shiloh called Willow Kelly. Willow told him that her name was Willow. He said he kept forgetting. Shiloh suggested that she brought the children to the DoD house. They had a program with children.

Sam wanted to know what was going on tonight. Before Kristina could answer, Daisy and Harmony came in. Kristina introduced Sam to Harmony. Kristina told Sam about Harmony. Jason thought Shiloh would be gone if they waited. Sonny wanted to wait. He didn’t want to cause trouble for Margo. Sonny wondered how long Margo has been in Shiloh’s pocket. He thought Shiloh would be able to run the town.

Neil told Alexis that she shouldn’t kidnap Kristina. He said it would drive her away. She wanted to know what she should do. He told her to talk to Kristina. He told her to challenge Kristina in different ways. He told her to remind her of her life. He was ready to end the session.

Kristina told Sam about Harmony and how she works for DoD. Sam thought Kristina was committed to be in the program. Harmony wanted Kristina to join her so she could get to know her better. Sam was okay with her going. Sam said she loved Kristina. Sam left the house. When they were gone, Sam snuck back in the house.

Willow said she didn’t want anything from Shiloh. Shiloh wanted Chase to leave, but she told him to stay. Shiloh showed her a picture of the two of them together. He told her that she was happy with DoD. He said that she trusted him.

Sonny asked Jason if he thought Shiloh believed his own garbage. Jason said it was a con. Jason said Shiloh charged his followers for enlightenment. The higher up you are, the more you pay. Sonny said that Shiloh wasn’t getting rich on college tuitions so there was something they weren’t seeing. Sonny wanted to expose Shiloh’s followers and the families.

Sam looked around the DoD house. Shiloh told Willow that she was missed. She didn’t care. She wanted him to keep the picture. He said there would always be a place for her at the house. Shiloh left. Chase asked if she was okay. He wanted to know what he did to her. She told him what happened.

Peter talked to Anna about Maxie. Maxie talked to Lulu about kissing Peter. Maxie told her that they were going to give their relationship a try. Maxie couldn’t believe that Lulu was leaving.

They said they would be miserable without each other. When Peter came back to Maxie and Lulu, Lulu wanted him to take care of her. Robert told Anna that the memory that Alex gave to her had to be important because she brought up the McCaleb file. She thought it must have emotional weight. She thought Alex didn’t want to deal with it so she wanted her to deal with it.

Willow told Chase about her time with DoD. He told her that she was free. She said she would never be free until she got rid of the tattoo. She said it was a gift on those deemed worthy. It was part of a special ceremony.

Sonny told Jason that he wondered if Shiloh would blackmail his followers. Jason thought he might ransom them. Sonny thought as soon as he heard money, Shiloh would hold on tighter. Sonny got a call. He told Jason he figured out another way to save Kristina. Sam searched through Harmony’s bag. She realized that someone was getting a tattoo.

Next on General Hospital, Michael is shaken; Jason has to act quickly; and Neil offers words of caution.

General Hospital 4-8-19 Recap 8th April 2019.


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