General Hospital 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

General Hospital 4-9-19
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General Hospital 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

General Hospital 4-9-19, Felicia, Laura, and Ava met at the Floating Rib. They talked about the fact that Ryan is still alive. Felicia thought he would go after Ava because he’s obsessive. Ava wanted to be ready for him. Felicia suggested Ava be used to bring him out of hiding. Ava was okay with doing it, but Laura didn’t think she should be involved in something. It didn’t take long for Laura to change her mind about it and help. Felicia had an idea. She thought Ava should flaunt a new man around so Ryan would see it. Laura thought it was risky, but Ava had the protection she needed.

Chase helped Willow feel better about her run in with Shiloh. Michael showed up and she told him Kristina was in trouble. She explained what she went through because of Shiloh and told him to get Kristina out of the cult. She warned him that once she’s in, she won’t be able to get out so easily. Someone texted Michael and he had to leave.

General Hospital 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-9-19

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Neil showed up to see Sonny. Sonny knew he had experience getting people out cults. Jason told him about DoD. Neil heard of the cult. Jason got a text and left. Neil advised Sonny to keep talking to Kristina but he felt it was too late for that. He wanted to get her out of the cult. Neil didn’t want to help commit s crime. Sonny tried another approach. He told about losing Morgan. He didn’t want to lose another child. Neil didn’t think the plan would work. He tried the exit therapy, it didn’t end well. Sonny offered him anything he wanted for his help. Neil finally agreed to help.

Sam found the tatoo kit and started taking pictures. Shiloh talked to Harmony about Kristina. She wanted to talk about Sam too, but he changed the subject. He told her how he saw Willow. They were about to go to the attic so Sam had to hide. Harmony told Shiloh how much Kristina wanted to join them. He told her how Kristina planned to reveal a secret about her family. They managed not to see Sam and headed back downstairs. Sam snuck out while they were gone. Kristina found Shiloh and was eager to get started. He wanted to make sure she was really ready.

Jordan talked to Curtis about Marguex dropping the case on Ryan. Jordan wanted Curtis to after Ryan. She had the results and found out Ryan was alive when his hand was cut. She believed he was alive. Michael met with Sam and Jason and talked about Willow being in the cult. Sam showed them the pictures she took. Michael told them the initiation ends with Shiloh having sex with the new member. Sam felt that Kristina would want to have sex with him. Jason wanted to get a plan started soon. Sam told him they had until midnight to do something.

Next on General Hospital, Harmony sends a distress call. Alexis is eager to speak to Sonny. Anna is emotional.

General Hospital 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019.


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