General Hospital 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

General Hospital 5-1-19
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General Hospital 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

General Hospital 5-1-19, The Quartermaines prepared for Oscar’s passing. Josslyn was awake with Oscar so Drew suggested she go home. Josslyn didn’t want to leave Oscar’s side. Kim was also in Oscar’s room. She kissed them both as she and Drew left the room. Josslyn read something to Oscar until she drifted off. Lila appeared as a ghost to Oscar. He woke Josslyn up, but the image was gone. Oscar believed that Josslyn would be okay when he is gone.
Julian called to check on Kim. He told her he loved her. She and Drew sat together until Josslyn called them so they went upstairs. They saw that Oscar was sitting up. Liz was at the hospital and talked to Terry about Oscar. Liz thought Terry did everything she could to make Oscar’s last days easier. Sonny found Carly at the maternity ward and they talked about Josslyn and Oscar.

General Hospital 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

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General Hospital 5-1-19

Monica let Ned and Olivia know that Oscar wanted to see everyone. She was convinced that Oscar was about to die. They all sat in the waiting room for hours. Oscar was wheeled out and had a vision of Lila and Edward. He came back to reality and Terry said the tumor has regressed and is benign. His family was excited to hear the news. Oscar and Josslyn go tell Carly and Sonny the news. They were happy about it too. They wondered what happened but they’re glad he had a miracle. The family wanted to throw a party for him. Oscar apologized to Sonny for not keeping his promise of not hurting Josslyn. He felt bad for making him keep a promise like that.
Later, everybody went to Charlie’s to celebrate Oscar’s remission. Ned made a toast. Oscar told everyone how he felt about their support. Oscar asked Drew what would happen if he died. Drew didn’t think anyone would get over it. Oscar had a vision of Sonny and Carly with a baby. He had other visions about things happening in the future. Cameron approached him and apologized for not visiting more. He appreciated Cameron’s friendship and wanted him to be there for Josslyn. Josslyn came over to ask what he wanted to do. Oscar saw Edward and Lila again and said he needed to go home. Oscar let Josslyn know how much he loved her, but it was time to go. He gave her a kiss as Edward and Lila walked by them.
Joss and Oscsr are back at the Quartermaine mansion. She was asleep by his bed. He looked at her. Lila and Edward were waiting for him by the door. He got up and gave her a kiss. He walked with Edward and Lila. Josslyn woke up and saw that Oscar was dead.
Next on General Hospital, Sam is distracted. Shiloh pays Willow a visit. Chase confronts Michael. Carly shares her appreciation with Elizabeth. Franco and Cameron make amends.
General Hospital 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019.


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