General Hospital 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

General Hospital 5-13-19
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General Hospital 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

General Hospital 5-13-19, Joss talked to Jax about missing her volleyball game. He said it was okay because she was grieving. She thought things were always going to be bad. He said things would get better.
Sonny and Carly talked about Joss grieving Oscar. He said they would help her. They got an invitation to Oscar’s memorial. Joss told them she got the same message. She wasn’t ready for it. She asked if she had to go to it. Carly said she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t go.

General Hospital 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

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General Hospital 5-13-19

Alexis thanked Julian for giving Kristina her job back. Julian said he liked Oscar. He said he liked the way Oscar lived.
Franco tried to reach out to Cameron. Cameron thought he was trying to get on Liz’s good side. Franco thought Cameron would respect him soon. Cameron got a text about Oscar’s memorial. He wanted to go to the memorial.
Kim and Drew had Oscar’s ashes. She didn’t know what to do with the ashes. Ned told her that Oscar had everything planned out. Ned said Oscar didn’t want a funeral. He wanted his family and friends to celebrate his life.
Everyone started showing up for the memorial. Joss went to Michael and told him how she couldn’t deal with this. She thought she would never stop crying. When Trina and Cameron showed up, Joss, Trina and Cameron talked about their trip to Niagara Falls. Trina told Joss that Oscar loved her and she was the best. Joss had a letter from Oscar for Jason. Oscar wanted him and Drew to build a tree house for the kids in the family. Ned and Olivia talked at the memorial. They want everyone to share their memories of Oscar.
Michael said Oscar was brave to date Joss. Michael was glad that Oscar was a gentleman. Cameron spoke at the memorial. He said he and Oscar weren’t friends at first, but that changed. Joss spoke at the memorial. She talked about how she felt about him. She said he was easy to talk to. She said she fell for him. She knew Oscar wanted to focus on good things, but she couldn’t do that yet. She said she would remember him.
Drew talked about how he bonded with Oscar. Drew said Oscar was open and fascinating. Drew was glad that he got to know him. Ned wanted everyone to go to the meadow. Ned and Olivia gave out seeds. They all spread out the seeds so there would be flowers in a month. There was a plaque for Oscar. Kim enjoyed the memorial. She talked about being a single mother. She talked about bringing him to meet his family after he was sick. She said it helped him. She thanked Drew for giving Oscar strength. She thanked Joss for loving him.
Drew thanked Ned and Olivia for having the memorial. When he went off by himself, Sam told him that he was a great father. He was glad that she said that. He wanted to make sure Scout knew he loved her.
Sonny saw Kim by Oscar’s plaque. He told her that he knew she was feeling bad now, but she knew how much Oscar touched everyone. Sonny told her to think about how they loved each other.
Next on General Hospital, Julian is furious. Robert loses something important. Felicia has a theory. Sasha and Michael grow closer. Valentin is confrontational.
General Hospital 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019.


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