General Hospital 5-2-19 Recap 2nd May 2019

General Hospital 5-2-19
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General Hospital 5-2-19 Recap 2nd May 2019

General Hospital 5-2-19, Chase ran into Michael. He asked Michael about Kristina. Michael didn’t answer him and walked away. Chase called Valerie. He told her that he didn’t find out any information. He said he would keep trying to find out information.
Shiloh went to see Willow. He told her that Harmony was back in Beecher’s Corners where she belonged. He wanted Willow to be where she belonged. He said her place was with him. She said she didn’t want to be with him. He reminded her about the pledge she made. He offered to give her more time to think about her decision.

General Hospital 5-2-19 Recap 2nd May 2019

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General Hospital 5-2-19

When Shiloh left, Willow asked Michael if she could talk to Kristina. She said that Shiloh wasn’t going to bully her. Michael said he would arrange the meeting. When Michael left, Chase showed up. She told him that she was going to meet with Kristina. He wanted her to tell him where Kristina was. Willow was afraid that Kristina was going back to Shiloh.
Joss woke up in Oscar’s room. She called out his name. He didn’t answer her when she called him. Kim and Drew came in the room. Kim went to Oscar. When she can’t wake him up, Drew asked if he was gone. Kim nodded and cried. Joss left the room. When Ned and Monica walked in, they saw Joss crying. Monica left. Ned comforted Joss. Monica went to see Oscar. Drew hugged her. When Monica left, Drew comforted Kim.
Franco saw Cameron at the hospital. Franco mentioned Aiden to him. Franco apologized for saying that he wasn’t a good brother. Cameron thought he was protecting Aiden by not wanting him to act gay. Franco knew Cameron had Aiden’s back. Franco said he had Cameron’s back.
Joss called Carly. Joss told her that she needed her. Carly told Liz what was going on. Liz told Franco that Oscar was dead. Liz and Franco told Cameron that Oscar is dead. Cameron tried to say that he and Oscar weren’t close. He said Oscar was more Joss’ friend than his. When he was by himself, he broke down and cried.
Sam told Jason that Shiloh had a file on her. They found out that Oscar passed away. She told him that she loved him. He said he loved her two. When Jason left, Shiloh showed up. Sam told him about Oscar. Shiloh told her not to be sad. He held out a recorder and told her that he knew a secret about a loved one.
Ned told Drew that Oscar was lucky to have him. Ned also said they were all lucky to have known him for as long as they did. When Ned left, he ran into Joss. He gave her Oscar’s song for the Nurse’s Ball. Drew told Oscar that he was a better man having known him. He thanked Oscar for coming into his life. He said he would be in his heart forever. Monica put Oscar’s picture next to Edward and Lily’s.
Joss went to Oscar’s room. She wanted him to go somewhere nice. She didn’t want him to go to a place that hurt. She said she heard him say he loved her. She said she loved him too. She said she would love him forever.
Next on General Hospital, Sam tells Jason about Shiloh’s visit. Kristina shares a laugh with an old friend. Alexis manages to slip past Valerie. Drew offers his help. Julian runs into Willow.
General Hospital 5-2-19 Recap 2nd May 2019.


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