General Hospital 5-6-19 Recap 6th May 2019

General Hospital 5-6-19
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General Hospital 5-6-19 Recap 6th May 2019

General Hospital 5-6-19, Maxie talked to Lulu about her problems dating Peter. Maxie thought he might not want to date her anymore. Lulu thought Peter might have trouble with relationships period. Robert talked to Laura about her relationship with Kevin being over. He liked that she decided to move on with her life. He asked her to go to the Nurses’ Ball with him. She was shocked but had to turn him down.
Lucy and Scott talked about the plans for the Nurses’ Ball. They were in for a shock when they saw Ava and Kevin together. Lucy went to them and tried to get Scott to go to the Ball with Ava. Kevin let Lucy know that Ava was taken. Lucy was bothered by the fact that they were close. Lucy wanted Ava to convince Kevin to perform at the Ball. Scott wanted to talk to Ava alone.

General Hospital 5-6-19 Recap 6th May 2019

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General Hospital 5-6-19

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Scott wanted to know about Ava’s plan. He reminded her that she wanted him to help her get Ryan to come out of hiding. Ava tried to downplay what she did. She did say that Kevin helped her get over her grief. Scott thought he was using her to get over his guilt. Lucy gave Kevin grief about Ava. Ava came back and was ready to go. Lucy wanted to talk to her. Scott wanted to stop them from arguing so he interrupted them. Ava managed to get away from Lucy. Lucy told Scott that they had to keep Ava and Kevin away from each other.
Anna saw Jordan at the hospital and wanted to know why she didn’t say anything about her situation. They talked for a while before Anna left. Curtis wanted to know why she didn’t tell him about it either. She came up with reasons why she didn’t say anything. Anna ran into Finn and she told him about her situation. She knows that Robin is her child. He thought about proposing and then got Jordan’s test results. He went to Jordan’s room to tell her that the treatment didn’t work. She has to have a transplant. He thought she would be able to get a donor. Finn had to leave so she talked to Curtis about the case. Laura showed up and Curtis told them about the case. Jordan wanted Curtis to check out the lead he had. Curtis didn’t want to leave Jordan. Laura wanted to go to Canada with him. After that happened, Kevin and Finn showed up in Jordan’s room. It turns out he’s a match for Jordan and could be a donor for her.
Michael took Willow to the cabin to introduce her to Kristina. Willow talked to her about her time at DoD. Willow wanted her to know everything but Kristina wasn’t interested. Michael wanted Kristina to hear her out because she didn’t have a motive for talking to her. Kristina decided to listen to her. Neil wanted Willow to start talking. Willow explained how her mother was involved with Dod and how she got into it. She showed Kristina the tattoo and told her how she had to have sex with Shiloh after she got it. Kristina didn’t believe Shiloh would force anyone to have sex with him. Willow explained some more and then decided to leave. Neil told Kristina that she had enough info to make a decision between the family and DoD.
Next on General Hospital, Alexis is overjoyed. Michael is grateful. Jason is surprised.
General Hospital 5-6-19 Recap 6th May 2019.


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