General Hospital 5-7-19 Recap 7th May 2019

General Hospital 5-7-19
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General Hospital 5-7-19 Recap 7th May 2019

General Hospital 5-7-19, Jax was in Sonny and Carly’s house. She came down and saw him in the house. She was happy to see him. They talked about what’s going on with Joss. Carly appreciated how Jax was there for Joss. She said it helped Joss.
Carly told Jax about being pregnant. Jax thought that the pregnancy might have caused Joss to act differently. Carly didn’t know how Joss felt about the baby. Jax said Joss would be okay. When Jason showed up, Jax thanked him for being there for Joss.

General Hospital 5-7-19 Recap 7th May 2019

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General Hospital 5-7-19

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Anna talked to Finn about her memories. Anna thought that Alex didn’t want to admit that Peter is her son and not Anna’s. Anna thought Alex didn’t like the fact that she gave him up. Anna was thankful that she wasn’t the one who had sex with Faison. Anna did have sympathy for Alex for what she has gone through.
Anna and Finn talked about Valentin thinking that Peter was her son. Anna still felt as if Peter was her son. She said Robert didn’t like Peter. Finn thought Anna shouldn’t tell Peter about Alex. He told her that she wasn’t sure that her suspicions about Peter are right. He said there was no proof of her suspicions. Anna appreciated Finn’s help. She said she didn’t want to hurt Peter.
Peter took Maxie to Paris for their first date. On the plane, they talked about Paris and their favorite places. They talked about what could have happened if they met in Paris. Peter was glad they didn’t meet like that. She was nervous and left the room. When she came back, he realized that it was too soon for her. When he was about to turn the plan around, she stopped him. She was afraid that being with him meant she was letting go of Nathan. She said she was ready to move on with Peter.
Neil told Kristina that she could have left the cabin if she wanted to. Chase showed up and said why he was looking for Kristina. Kristina said she had to get away for some time. Kristina wanted him to tell Valerie that she was okay. When Chase left, Kristina said she was going home. Alexis was glad and hugged Kristina. Sonny told Kristina that Shiloh wouldn’t hurt her again.
Michael appreciated Willow helping Kristina. Willow was embarrassed that she was with Shiloh. Michael told her not to blame herself. He suggested that she talk to someone. Nina showed up while they were talking. Michael got a text from Sonny saying that Kristina was okay. Nina told Willow to be with Chase. Nina didn’t think Willow should choose Michael. Chase showed up. Michael and Chase talked things out. Willow felt like she was in charge of her own life.
Carly and Jason told Jax what was going on with Kristina. Sonny sent Jason a text saying Kristina was back. Sonny told him to get Sam. Jason left. Jax said Sonny was taking care of his daughter and they should take care of theirs. He told her that he was going to be in town for a while.
Sam went to the DoD house. She held out a recorder for Shiloh. She was willing to do her pledge. He invited her in the house. No one else was in the house. He listened to Sam’s pledge about Jason. Shiloh thought she still had feelings for Jason. She said Jason would always mean something to her because they have a child. She thought her pledge showed how much she was willing to risk. Shiloh wanted Sam to start her initiation. He locked the door. She turned down the drink he gave her. She prepared herself for her tattoo. Jason was outside of the house. When the door was locked, he kicked the door open.
Next on General Hospital, Sam expresses her concerns. Valerie offers her advice. Lucas seeks help.
General Hospital 5-7-19 Recap 7th May 2019.


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