General Hospital 8-14-19 Recap 14th August 2019

General Hospital 8-14-19
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General Hospital 8-14-19 Recap 14th August 2019

General Hospital 8-14-19, Robert went to see Jason and Sam. He told them that Shiloh and Cabot were in jail. Shiloh had a lot of charges against. He said Shiloh was going to use the flashdrive on Cameron, but Franco offered to save him. Robert said Franco thought he was Drew.

General Hospital 8-14-19 Recap 14th August 2019

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General Hospital 8-14-19

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Hayden told Jax that they should search Wyndemere. He didn’t want to go. She said she was going.

Liz told Franco that he was Franco Baldwin. She said they were married. She showed them wedding pictures. She showed him his name on his bracelet. She also showed him his driver’s license. He said it wasn’t real because it was issued in 2019. He said it was 2012. Drew said it wasn’t. Franco wanted to be alone. Liz and Drew left.

Liz and Drew saw Franco getting ready to leave. Liz asked him not to go because they had to fix what Shiloh did. Franco didn’t know who Shiloh was. Drew said Shiloh was David Henry Archer. Franco thought Shiloh was in prison. Franco wanted to see Hank. Drew stopped him from leaving. Franco told him to move.

Lucas found out that Julian was moving to New York with Kim. Julian left to answer a text from Lucy. Kim told Lucas that Julian was leaving for her. She said for him to let her know if she wanted Julian to stay. If he did, she would leave alone if he did. Lucas said Julian was a better man because of her. Lucas said he wanted Julian to be happy.

When Julian came over, Kim left to go to the hospital. Lucas told Julian that made it seem as if she would leave town with or without him. Julian said he knew. Lucas wanted to know why he would go with her.

Hayden broke into Wyndemere. She went to Nikolas’ old office. She saw a portrait of Helena.

Drew told Franco not to leave town because he had people who loved him. Drew comforted Liz when Franco left. Drew told her that Franco wouldn’t leave. Franco saw Kim. He wanted to know why she was at the hospital. She told him that she was leaving Port Charles. He said they should leave together. She asked if he was okay. He sang to her. He kissed her. Drew and Liz saw them kissing.

Obrecht walked in on Hayden searching Wyndemere. Obrecht offered ro help her look. Obrecht said she could turn her over to Valentin.

General Hospital 8-14-19 Recap 14th August 2019.