General Hospital 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019

General Hospital 8-23-19
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General Hospital 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019

General Hospital 8-23-19,Carly asked Jax about him and Obrecht. He said nothing was going on with them. Carly asked him about Hayden. He said it was a business relationship. He asked her about the baby. She said things couldn’t be better. He asked if the baby was in danger.
Michael went to see Sasha. She was sick. She wondered if her illness was her karma for what she has done. He said everyone has done something they regretted. He said she wasn’t being punished.

General Hospital 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019

General Hospital 8-23-19
Monica asked Finn where they were curing Sasha. He told her that there were specialists coming in to help. She told him to get some sleep before they come.

Ava looked at the bad comments from her article. Kiki showed up and asked Ava if she thought a magazine cover was going to ease her guilt. Kiki asked Ava what she regretted. She said she regretted that she and Kiki were mad at each other when Kiki died. Ava said that she regretted believing Ryan. Kiki didn’t believe her. Kiki said Ava chose Ryan.

Ava said she didn’t choose Ryan. Ava said she needed her help because she would find peace. Kiki said Ava was why she would never find peace. They got into an argument. Kiki said she wasn’t afraid to point out Ava’s flaws.

Kiki said Ava was using her death to make it about her with the article. Kiki said the world saw Ava for who she was. Ava wanted to know what she had to do to get Kiki to forgive her. Kiki said she couldn’t help her because she was dead. Ava woke up crying. She said Kiki got what she wanted.

Peter made a call to someone. He told the person to make sure Drew didn’t find Andre Maddox. Sam told Jason that she got an email from Drew. She said Drew was on his way to get Andre to help Franco. Jason told her that Franco didn’t want his old life back. Jason said Franco believed he was Drew. Jason said he would have fought his family if he had to go back to who he was.

General Hospital 8-23-19 Recap 23rd August 2019.


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