General Hospital 9-30-19 Recap 30th September 2019

General Hospital 9-30-19
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General Hospital 9-30-19 Recap 30th September 2019

General Hospital 9-30-19, Sonny was with Carly at the hospital. She was happy, but scared that the baby was coming early. A doctor came in and prepared her for a C-section. She was taken to the operating room. Sonny told her everything was going to be okay.

Carly had the baby. The doctor said her spine looked healthy. Sonny and Carly named her Donna. The doctor took the baby for surgery. Jason told Michael that the baby was going to have spina bifada.

General Hospital 9-30-19 Recap 30th September 2019

General Hospital 9-30-19

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Alexis and Kristina talked about Sam killing Shiloh. Alexis said the case was closed. Kristina told her the therapy was helping. She said she was glad she was able to face Shiloh in court before he died. She said she felt bad about lying about Alexis killing Keifer. Alexis didn’t want to talk about it. Kendra showed up.

Kristina thought Kendra looked familiar. Alexis said Kendra was her trainer. Kendra left to take care of something. Kristina asked Alexis about Neil. Kristina said she hoped he was making her happy. Kendra came back when Kristina left. Kendra gave Alexis some vitamins. Alexis wanted to check the ingredients.

Nelle ran into Joss. Joss didn’t want to see her. Joss rubbed it in that Michael moved on. Nelle told her that she was looking forward to being free. Joss was upset about that and called her a psycho. Nelle said she changed and forgave her. Joss was upset. Joss was upset that she brought up Oscar.

Willow went to see Harmony. Harmony apologized for how Shiloh treated her. Willow told her that Shiloh was dead. Harmony felt bad for letting Shiloh manipulated her. Willow said Shiloh couldn’t hurt Wiley. Harmony is relieved that Willow was free.

Nelle met with her lawyer named Martin. He told her that her case looked bad. She told him about losing her baby. Nelle said she paid enough and has been good. She said it made her sick to think of the pain she caused. She said she wanted to make amends, but couldn’t do that from prison. He said he would represent her at the parole hearing.

Sam went to the police station. Sam didn’t know why she was being questioned about Shiloh’s death again. Sam said she wasn’t saying anything without a lawyer. Diane and Jason showed up. Jordan told them what the nurse overheard. Diane told her the nurse’s statement wouldn’t hold up in court. When Jordan walked off, Diane said they would have to answer more questions. They got a text about Sonny and Carly’s baby. When they were about to leave, Jordan arrested Sam.

Joss saw Michael at the hospital. She told him what happened with Nelle. Whem Kristina came, Michael told them about the baby. Sonny told them that the baby was born. He said the baby was in surgery.

General Hospital 9-30-19 Recap 30th September 2019.


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