General Hospital Spoilers April 15 – April 19 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers April 15

General Hospital Spoilers April 15 – April 19 , 2019 | GH 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of April 15 – April 19 , 2019. here is General Hospital Spoilers April 15.

General Hospital Spoilers April 15 , Monday

  • Sam tricks Shiloh. She was able to help Jason get Kristina out of the DoD house. Sam has to make Shiloh believe that she didn’t realize that Kristina left the house. Will Sam be able to convince Shiloh that she didn’t know that Kristina left the house?
  • Michael wants Willow to tell him about DoD. She tells him about the cult which gives him what he needs. Will Michael be able to figure out what is going on with the DoD?
  • Franco has an argument with Cameron. Things have been tense for them. Will Liz have to choose sides between Cameron and Franco?

General Hospital Spoilers April 16 , Tuesday

  • Sonny gets into it with Margo. Will he argue with her over Ryan’s case being closed? Will he try to get her to see the light about the DoD?
  • Jason discovers that Brad is linked to the DoD. Brad has been seeing Shiloh because of the baby swap story. Will Jason try to get Brad not to seek help from Shiloh? Will Brad listen to Jason or will he continue to see Shiloh?

General Hospital Spoilers April 17 , Wednesday

  • Alexis finds out that Julian gave Kristina the money she needed for the DoD. Alexis will be furious when she finds out that he gave Kristina the money. Will he be able to talk his way out of giving Kristina the money? Will she understand why he helped her daughter
  • Sonny warns Jason to be careful. Jason will continue to investigate the DoD. Will Jason listen to Sonny or will he go ahead with the investigation?
  • Carly is heartbroken. Is she upset that Joss is losing Oscar?

General Hospital Spoilers April 18, Thursday

  • Laura starts to re-think her future. Will she change her mind about being with Kevin? Will she let him move back home with her?
  • Jordan has a meeting with Franco. Jordan is at the end of her rope trying to find Ryan. Will she turn to Franco for help? Will Franco take the risk of helping her?
  • Ava needs Scott’s help. Ava hasn’t made it a secret that she wants to get back at Ryan. She needs someone to help her pull off her plan. Will she ask him to pose as her lover? Will he help her try to find Ryan?

General Hospital Spoilers April 19, Friday

  • Shiloh talks to Jason. It is likely that Shiloh will talk to him about taking Kristina. How will Jason handle Shiloh confronting him about Kristina?
  • Kevin has an invitation. Will Laura invite him to move back in with her? Is she ready to take him back?
  • Ava faces rejection. Will Scotty disappoint her by not helping her go after Ryan? Will she be able to convince him to help her?

General Hospital Spoilers week of April 19, 2019.

General Hospital Spoilers April 15 – April 19 , 2019 | GH 2019.