General Hospital Spoilers April 8 – April 12 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers April 8

General Hospital Spoilers April 8 – April 12 , 2019 | GH 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of April 8 – April 12 , 2019. here is General Hospital Spoilers April 8.

General Hospital Spoilers April 8 , Monday

  • Harrison gives Shiloh a warning. It is likely that Harrison doesn’t want Shiloh around Willow.
  • Harrison is on to Shiloh. Harrison wants him to know that he doesn’t believe the DoD scheme. Harrison is suspicious of Shiloh and his schemes.
  • Alexis talks to Neil. She will most likely talk to the doctor about Kristina and the DoD.
  • Lulu will have news to share. Will she let her family and friends know that she is leaving Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers April 9 , Tuesday

  • Jason has to think fast on his feet. Will he have to save Sam from Shiloh? Will Jason end up in a situation with Shiloh and have to save himself?
  • Neil will give someone words of advice. He will most likely give Alexis advice about Kristina.
  • Michael is surprised. He tries to get Kristina away from DoD and will find it harder than he thinks. Michael will go to Harrison for help with Shiloh.
  • Chase will try to make Willow feel better. What will he have in store for Willow?

General Hospital Spoilers April 10 , Wednesday

  • Alexis talks to Sonny. Will she talk to him about Kristina? Will she let him know what Neil told her? Anna is upset over something. Could it have something to do with the memory tampering?
  • Anna questions her past because Alex lied to her. Will Anna be able to figure out which memories are lies and which are true?
  • Harmony sends out a call. Will it be to Shiloh about the initiation? Kristina gets ready for her initiation to the DoD. Will everything go as planned?

General Hospital Spoilers April 11, Thursday

  • Michael goes to Harrison for help. It hasn’t been easy getting Kristina away from DoD. Since he doesn’t want to get his father involved, he goes to Harrison instead.
  • Molly confronts Sam about Shiloh. Molly wants to know if Sam really believes Shiloh’s innocent act. Will Sam let Molly know that she is on to Shiloh or keep her in the dark.
  • Monica has news about Oscar. Will she tell Drew good news about Oscar or will he have to prepare for the worst?

General Hospital Spoilers April 12, Friday

  • Laura has a change of heart. Does this change of heart mean that she will give Kevin another chance? Is she willing to work on her marriage?
  • Spencer and Valentin argue with each other. What will they argue about?
  • Ava is determined to get what she wants. Does she still believe that Ryan is alive? Is she determined to kill Ryan if he’s still alive?

General Hospital Spoilers week of April 8, 2019.

General Hospital Spoilers April 8 – April 12 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers April 8 – April 12 , 2019 | GH 2019.