General Hospital Spoilers August 31 – September 4 , 2020 | GH 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital Spoilers August 31 – September 4 , 2020 | GH 2020

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of August 31 – September 4, 2020. here is General Hospital Spoilers August 31.

General Hospital Spoilers July 27 – July 31 , 2020 | GH 2020

General Hospital Spoilers August 31, Monday

  • Jax is relieved by something. Why is Jax relieved? Does it have to do with helping Carly with Nelle?
  • Sonny goes to see Mike. How does Sonny’s visit with Mike turn out?
  • Carly has second thoughts about what she decides to do. Does she end up telling the police the truth about Nelle?
  • Willow has doubts about the things she has done. Why does Willow have doubts?
  • Alexis and Neil bond with each other. Will Alexis and Neil decide to give in to their feelings for each other?
  • Sam yells at Valentin. Why does Sam yell at Valentin? Does he make her regret signing over the kids’ proxy to him?

General Hospital Spoilers September 1, Tuesday

  • Carly opens up to Jax. What does Carly tell Jax? Does she tell him about Nelle falling off the cliff or is it about Sonny?
  • Nina is close to finding out the truth. How close is Nina to finding out the truth?
  • Sonny makes special plans. Are the plans for Mike or Carly?
  • Alexis has her heart broken. Does Neil decide he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with Alexis?
  • Ned tries to do something, but is rejected. Does he try to reach out to Brook Lynn, but she turns him down?

General Hospital Spoilers September 2, Wednesday

  • Sonny lets down his guard about something. Why does Sonny let down his guard? Does anyone take advantage of Sonny’s mistake?
  • Olivia is concerned about Dante.
  • Lulu has a friend who is in trouble. She hopes her experience can help her friend. Will Lulu be able to help?
  • Chase wants to tell the truth to someone. Does Chase want to tell Willow the truth about Sasha?
  • Robert says something to Anna that rubs her the wrong way. What does Robert say to Anna?

General Hospital Spoilers September 3, Thursday

  • Anna gets a disturbing call. Who is the call from and what is it about?
  • Spinelli has a plan ready. Will Spinelli’s plan work?
  • Alexis tries to get Sam to tell her the truth. What is Sam hiding from Alexis? Will Alexis be able to get the truth out of Sam?
    Maxie and Peter have fun together.
  • Robert makes a promise to Olivia. Will Robert help Olivia reunite with Dante?

General Hospital Spoilers September 4, Friday

  • Finn wants to help someone. Who will Finn help and what kind of help is needed?
  • Anna is torn about something. Will it have to do with Peter?
  • Curtis is cautious about something. Does it have to do with Taggert?
  • Peter reaches out to Valentin. Why does Peter reach out to Valentin?
  • Spinelli’s suspicions are confirmed. Who or what does Spinelli suspect?

General Hospital Spoilers August 31 – September 3 , 2020 | GH 2020


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