General Hospital Spoilers June 24 – June 28 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers June 24

General Hospital Spoilers June 24 – June 28 , 2019 | GH 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of June 24 – June 28 , 2019. here is General Hospital Spoilers June 24.

General Hospital Spoilers June 17 – June 21 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers June 24 , Monday

  • Lucas talks to his mother about something serious. Why does he need to talk to her? Is something going on with Brad?
  • Jax wants Josslyn to try something new to take her mind off of Oscar. Will his plan work?
  • Diane patiently waits for something to happen. Does her patience pay off? Is she let down?

General Hospital Spoilers June 25 , Tuesday

  • Bobbie gets sick and faints. Is something wrong with her? Is it serious or is she pretending?
  • Chase has a break in a case. He has a surprise suspect that he arrests. Be prepared to be shocked by the person getting arrested.
  • Sonny wants someone to look out for Josslyn. Will he ask Dev to watch out for her?

General Hospital Spoilers June 26 , Wednesday

  • Lucas is able to prove he was right about something. What does this mean for Brad and Julian? Will they have to scheme to keep Lucas from finding out the truth?
  • Speaking of Julian, he has to fight to keep his family safe. Does Lucas’ theory have to do with Julian’s need to fight for his family?
  • Curtis and Sam meet to touch bases with each other. What do they talk about? Do they talk Shiloh? Do they talk about Drew?

General Hospital Spoilers June 27, Thursday

  • Michael has to be the one to come to Jason’s rescue for a change. Why does Jason need help and how does Michael play into the rescue?
  • Alexis is mad at Julian for some reason. Does he say something she doesn’t want to hear?

General Hospital Spoilers June 28, Friday

  • Michael checks on Willow. Does she tell him more about Shiloh? Why does he want to see her?
  • Kim wants to see Shiloh. Does she want answers about Oscar? Does she want him for something else entirely?
  • Brad will do whatever he has to do in order to keep his family in his life. What will do to keep Lucas from finding out what he did?
  • Cast Update! Chloe Lanier returns to General Hospital as Nelle Benson.

General Hospital Spoilers week of June 24, 2019.

General Hospital Spoilers June 24 – June 28 , 2019 | GH Spoilers 2019.