General Hospital Spoilers May 6 – May 10 , 2019 | GH 2019

General Hospital Spoilers May 6

General Hospital Spoilers May 6 – May 10 , 2019 | GH 2019

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of May 6 – May 10 , 2019. here is General Hospital Spoilers May 6.
General Hospital Spoilers April 29 – May 3 , 2019 | GH 2019
General Hospital Spoilers May 6 , Monday

  • Sonny gets upset by something. What happens to cause him to react that way?

  • Laura reunites with someone she hasn’t seen in a while. Who is the person and how will she react to them?

  • Lucy is determined to get Kevin. How far will she go to get what she wants?

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General Hospital Spoilers May 7 , Tuesday

  • Alexis is feeling excited about something. What happens to make her so excited?
  • Michael shows his gratitude. Why is he grateful for something? Does Willow have something to do with it?
  • Jason gets shocked by something. Why is he so surprised?

General Hospital Spoilers May 8 , Wednesday

  • Sam is worried about something. Does Shiloh do something to make her worried? Does it have something to do with Jason?
  • Valerie gives someone some much needed advice. Who does she help out with her advice?
  • Lucas wants to get help for something. Why does Lucas need help and who does he turn to in order to get the help he needs?

General Hospital Spoilers May 9, Thursday

  • Something happens that causes Robert to get upset. Who or what makes him get that way?
  • Sonny and Mike have a warm family moment. Will their bond help them have a stronger relationship?
  • Michael misjudges something major. Will he be able to repair the damage that was done to cause him to misunderstand something?

General Hospital Spoilers May 10, Friday

  • Kristina lets everyone know where she stands when it concerns with DoD. Will her family be able to save her?
  • Sonny prepares himself to say goodbye to someone important to him. Is that someone his father or is it his daughter?

General Hospital Spoilers May 6 – May 10 , 2019 | GH 2019