General Hospital Tuesday, April 2 Spoilers 4-2-19

This episode will be about General Hospital’s 56th Anniversary.

Franco is curious. Is he curious about what is going on with Aiden? He and Liz have been worried about Aiden so he could be on to something about him.

Scott gets a sincere message. This will most likely be about Gail and what is left in her will.

Lesley Webber will make an appearance in this episode. She is back to celebrate the 56th Anniversary.

Alexis will reach out to several people in Port Charles. She will reach out to Scott, Monica, Bobbi, Lz, Felicia, Mac and Laura. She gets them together to talk about Gail’s will. In order for them to find out what Gail wants, they have to set out on a mission. It is more than what they expect.

Julian and Alexis run into each other. They will be forced to reconcile their past. What will make them do this?