The Young And The Restless 01-05-22 Recap | Y&R 5th January 2022 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 01-05-22 Recap | Y&R 5th January 2022 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-05-22 Recap,

Billy was sitting around. Lily thought he was thinking about Victoria and what her demands. She said Victoria knew what she wanted. Billy said the point of his plan was to vindicate his claims against Victor and Adam. He said the plan was ruined. She said they should give up the plan and move on. He showed her the text Victoria sent him asking to meet. Lily didn’t like her summoning them.

Billy told Lily that he didn’t like leaving his redemption in Victoria’s hands. He said he didn’t have a choice. She reminded him of the job offer she gave him at Chancellor. He said he couldn’t take the job because it would feel like a handout. He said it would rob him of ruinung Newman Media. He said he had to meet Victoria. He hoped Lily would go with him.

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Chloe went to Adam’s office. It was still a mess from the holiday. He said he was working. She noticed two glasses and thought he wasn’t working too hard. She asked him to stay away from Chelsea and Sally. She said Chelsea and Sally were ticking time bombs. She said it would cause their company to explode. She said they would tear each other’s hearts out. She said it wouldn’t look good if his business was ruined because he couldn’t keep his personal and professional lives separate.

Billy and Lily met with Victoria. Victoria said she wanted to send their plan into overdrive. She said playing on Billy falling off the wagon didn’t work so they should push other buttons. Victoria said when Adam showed up, she would set the stage and Billy could take over. Lily didn’t like Victoria taking over. Victoria told her to stop being so sensitive. When Adam showed up, Victoria was ready to get started. Billy noticed his sister and wanted to stop.

Billy went over to Traci. She said Jack already told her what he was up to. She said she didn’t like it. She walked off to make an appointment. He went back to Lily and Victoria. He told them Traci and Jack knew the truth. He said that was a problem. He said Traci would call him out if he tried anything in front of her.

Lily told Billy they should end the charade. Victoria didn’t want to give up yet. Victoria said they were lucky that she was involved. She said the plan would fail without her. Billy was afraid that Traci could ruin the plan.

Adam met with Traci to talk. She told him she hoped he was well. He said he was compared to other people. He looked at Billy. She told him he wasn’t going to insult her brother. He like that she could see the good in people. He said everyone wasn’t good. They talked about how he and Billy changed. She said she admired what he did for his company.

Adam said Billy waa his own worst enemy. Traci said people used to tell him that. He said he knew. He said Billy was in a downward spiral even if his defenders didn’t wouldn’t see it.

Adam saw Victoria with Billy and Lily. Adam wondered why Victoria was spending time with her ex instead of her husband. Billy said they were talking about the kids. He told Adam what they were talking about was none of his business. Adam walked off. Billy thanked Victoria for not saying anything. She said the timing was wrong.

Traci wanted to check on Billy. He told her Victoria already knew what was going on. He said their plan was harmless. Traci saod she didn’t see how and couldn’t understand why he was engaging with Adam when he could step back and enjoy his life with his children. Traci begged Victoria to rethink this, but Victoria wouldn’t budge.

Chelsea ran into Sally. Chelsea asked Chloe who she spent New Year with. Sally said she was with Adam, but it was business. Chelsea thought Adam must have felt sorry for her. Chelsea said Adam had no romantic feelings for her. Sally told her what she and Adam were doing.

Sally gave Chelsea some ideas. Chelsea didn’t like her ideas. Sally tried another pitch, which Chelsea thought was too cute. Sally said her ideas were successful. Chloe suddenly showed up. She tried to get Chelsea and Sally to stop arguing. Chelsea decided to get Connor.

Sally told Chloe that she rang in the New Year with Adam. Sally said Chelsea was jealous. Chloe reminded her that dhe promised to stop chasing Adam. Chloe asked if she was lying to her. She said she was at her last straw trying to keep the peace. Sally said the rivalry would help push them to be better. Chloe was scared that Sally had feelings for Adam.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office. He apologized for leaving. She asked him about his emergency. He said it wasn’t a big deal. He said Jack and Sally have floated for collaboration. Chelsea said she knew he spent the night with Sally. She said she wished he were honest with her about what he was doing.

Adam told Chelsea that he didn’t want to make things worse. He said he and Sally only talked and watched a movie. He said there was nothing serious between them. He said if there were something going on, it wouldn’t have been her business. She asked if he was falling in love with Sally.

Adam told Chelsea that he couldn’t keep having the same conversation with her. He said she should work things out with Sally. Chelsea said she was selling the penthouse because it was too hard to live there. He said he understood. She said Sally didn’t deserve him. She said she was shocked he didn’t see it.

Billy told Lily that Victoria was right in her plan. He said pushing Adam where it hurt was the only thing that would work. Lily didn’t like the plan. She said they were pawns in Victoria’s plan. She said she wasn’t going to let Victoria use them. 

 The Young And The Restless 01-05-22 Recap | Y&R 5th January 2022 Recap.


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