The Young And The Restless 01-08-21 Recap | Y&R 8th January 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 01-08-21Recap | Y&R 8th January 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-08-21 Recap,

Amanda told Devon that Naya didn’t show up to meet her. Amanda said she was upset and hurt. He asked what she was going to do next. She said she wasn’t sure. She said confronting her wouldn’t have done any good. She hoped Naya would change her mind about seeing her.

Adam asked Billy and Lily if they were going to exploit Chelsea’s condition. Adam said it was Billy’s fault that she was going through this. Adam said if Billy hadn’t tried to write another article about him, he wouldn’t have tried to stop it. Billy let him know that he was the one who caused what happened in the elevator with the power outage. Adam tried to reason with Lily. He said he didn’t want his son to know what was going on with Chelsea.

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Lily and Billy talked about whether or not to do the article on Chelsea. Lily thought he wasn’t seeing the bigger picture because he was focused on hurting Adam. Billy said Adam was responsible for what happened to Chelsea. Billy didn’t think Adam should get away with it. Lily said he was making it too personal.

Amanda showed up while Lily and Billy were talking about Adam. They told her about Chelsea and how Adam came to see them. Amanda said she agreed with Lily. Amanda thought they should focus on Billy’s wrongful arrest. Amanda left. Lily tried to get Billy to think of Connor. She asked if Adam was right about him being obsessed. Billy walked out.

Summer told Kyle that she was going to find out information on Sally. Summer was hoping it would give her leverage on Sally. She said she needed proof that Sally was a con artist. She wanted him to go with her. She said she would be having a meeting at Spencer Publications. He said Wyatt used to date Sally. He said he would love to go, but not for this.

Dr. Cavett went to see Chelsea. Dr. Cavett told her she was going to give her tests to decide what therapy she needed. Adam told Chelsea she could do it. He said they would do it together. He said he loved her and would be by her side.

Lily talked to Devon about the argument she had with Billy over an article. She said it was upsetting her because they have gotten close. Devon was surprised to hear that. He talked about him and Hilary arguing all of the time. He said it wasn’t easy to keep personal and professional life separate. Lily said she was interested in a complicated person.

Billy ran into Jack and talked to him about Adam getting in the way of him being happy. Jack suggested that he not do what he was planning to do. He said Billy was letting Adam control him. Billy said it was like being in an abusive relationship. Jack said Billy wanted to hurt Adam, but he was the one who was suffering. Billy aaid he had to figure out what was going on so he wouldn’t lose someone he loved.

Billy and Lily met up at the suite. They both apologized to each other. She told him she admired the fact that he wanted to get to the truth. He said he had a blind spot when it came to Adam. He said he didn’t want to hurt Chelsea and Connor. He said he didn’t want to do anymore stories on Adam.

Amanda left a message for Naya. Amanda told her she knew how hard this was for her and hoped she changed her mind. She said she didn’t want to blame Naya. She just wanted to talk. When she got off the phone, someone was at the door. It was her half-sister Imani. Imani told her to leave her mother alone. 

The Young And The Restless 01-08-21 Recap | Y&R 8th January 2021 Recap.


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