The Young And The Restless 01-11-21 Recap | Y&R 11th January 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 01-11-21Recap | Y&R 11th January 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-11-21 Recap,

Imani told Amanda that they were going to finish this now. Imani said she was her mother’s only child. She said she heard what Amanda was trying to do. Imani thought she was a con artist trying to take advantage of her family. Imani told her no one threatened her family and live to tell about it. She wanted Amanda to asked who tried it. Amanda tried to talk, but Imani wouldn’t let her. Imani said people always went after her family because they have power.

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Imani said her mother said she didn’t have any other children. Amanda told her that she was in for a surprise. Amanda said what she thought was the truth was actually a lie. Imani was suspicious of what she was trying to say. Amanda said she was a lawyer. She said she wanted to know her history. Imani said Amanda’s identity was taken off the Internet. Amanda said she was stalked. Imani didn’t care. Imani tried to leave but Amanda said they weren’t done.

Sally saw Summer with her bags. Sally assumed she was going out of town. Summer managed not to answer her question and left. Summer sent Kyle a text telling him to hold the jet. She said she was on her way. Billy got on the jet. Kyle told him that the jet was going to L.A. Billy said he hoped he wasn’t in a hurry.

Kyle and Billy got in an argument. Kyle suggested Billy take a train or the Chancellor jet. Billy said Jill was using it. Billy said he changed the flight plan. Summer showed up and wanted to know what Billy was doing there. Billy asked if they were going on a business trip. She said they could go together. Billy said they were waiting for one person.

Lily met with Nathan. She told him that Chance Communications is working with Ask MD Now. She wanted him to be the spokesperson. He asked if she was offering him the position because of his hand. She said she thought he would want to make a difference since people trusted him. He said Devon wouldn’t agree with that. Nate said he would think about the offer.

Kyle and Billy argued on the jet. Lily got on board the flight. Kyle told her he was thinking about opening a window and throwing Billy out of it. She said it was going to be a fun flight.

Elena ran into Devon. She told him she was doing better after her conversation with him. She said she moved on. She said she hated that she hurt him and would regret it. She said she was finished punishing herself. He said this was probably the way things were meant to be. He said he wanted to let go of the anger. She wanted to know if Amanda was the reason why. He said he abd Amanda were just friends. He said he would try not to be jealous of seeing her with Nate.

Devon met up with Amanda in her suite. She told him about what happened with Imani. Amanda said Imani was afraid of the truth. Amanda wondered if Naya sent Imani to send her the message that one daughter mattered while the other didn’t. He said he understood that she was angry but she had to control herself. Amanda said she was so upset that she was tempted to make Imani back up her words.

Amanda was upset that Naya let Imani handle her business. Devon said ahe didn’t know that. She said she would accept it as a challenge and was going to go to Naya’s house. He wanted to go with her, but she wanted to do it alone.

Nate sent Lily a text saying that he needed more time to think about her office. Billy told her she had determination. Summer wanted to know why she Billy were going to Seattle. Lily didn’t want to tell her why they were going because she didn’t want to ruin the reveal.

Sally called her sister and talked about Summer and Kyle going to L.A. and Spencer Publications. Sally said she was scared Summer would find out what happened before she left. The pilot warned everyone there was going to be turbulence. The jet started to shake.

The Young And The Restless 01-11-21 Recap | Y&R 11th January 2021 Recap.


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