The Young And The Restless 01-13-22 Recap | Y&R 13th January 2022 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 01-13-22 Recap | Y&R 13th January 2022 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-13-22 Recap,

Lily went to see Adam. She wanted to confront him about the text he sent her wishing her luck at Chancellor. He said he was being sincere. She said she found it suspicious that he sent her that text after Billy called a truce with him. Adam said he respected her and wanted her to do well at her new job. She said she didn’t trust him and thought it was a threat. She said it was like a counter punch since Billy got the better of him. He said he didn’t lose sleep over Billy’s antics. He said he was genuinely wishing her luck. She reminded him that they declared a truce.

Adam realized Lily didn’t let the past go. He said he was expressing genuine concern for her new job. She said he was trying to get on her good side. He said he wasn’t ashamed to admit that. He asked if Jill made a decision about Chance Communications. Lily wished him luck. She said Billy was coming to work for her. She said she wanted him to let things go so she and Billy could move on with their lives. Victor came into the office. Lily told him to tell his son that the feud with Billy was over. She said Billy waved the white flag.

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Victoria told Ashland Jill was selling Chance Communications to them. She said it looked like they won. He thought Victor and Adam were angry. She said she spoke to Victor and he was okay with what happened. She said Adam was the one who was upset. She said if she had her way, Chance Communications wouldn’t be the only company Adam lost. Ashland said he was still an outsider when it came to her family. He hoped she didn’t make things worse. She said they would dominate the field if they took over the companies. He said Adam was a wild card. She said she knew how to handle him.

Nate ran into Devon and asked if there was any news on his request to shared custody. Devon told him Abby and Chance said no to his request. Nate apologized to him. Devon told him it wasn’t his fault. He said he appreciated his advice. He said it was a conversation that needed to be had. He said he decided to file for shared custody. He said Abby and Chance made it clear that they didn’t want him to have a big role in Dominic’s life. He said he was Dominic’s only option for a stable life. He said he didn’t want things to get messy. He hoped they could resolve things without it being painful. Nate wished him luck. They talked about Nate and Elena living together. Devon said he was happy for them.

Sally thought about Chloe warning her not to upset Chelsea. She also thought about Adam telling her not to spy anymore. She called someone and told the person they needed to figure out their working relationship. She asked the person to meet her at Society.

Adam told Victor Billy was pretending to be spiraling out of control so they would put the story out there. He said Billy wanted to be able to sue them and ruin their company. Victor liked how Billy tried to copy their idea. He said Billy was pathetic. Adam told him Billy called a truce. He said he didn’t think they heard the last from Billy. Victor said he wanted to focus on something more important. He said he knew who Jill was selling Chance Communications to. He said she was selling it to Newman-Locke. Adam wanted to call Jill, but Victor told him to drop it. Victor said they lost. He said he was going to congratulate Victoria and he wanted Adam to do the same thing.

Chelsea met Sally at Society. Chelsea wanted to know what Sally wanted. Sally said she was forcing herself to say the right things the last time they spoke to each other. She said she came up with some pitches. She wanted Chelsea to consider them and give her honest opinion. Chloe showed up and said Sally wanted her to figure things out with Chelsea. Chloe wanted to do it.

Sally gave Chelsea some pitches that Chelsea barely liked. Chelsea didn’t want to sit through Sally’s bad ideas. Chloe tried to be the peacemaker when Adam showed up. Chloe said he didn’t look happy. Chelsea went to talk to Adam. He said he wasn’t in the mood. He said he had a bad meeting. She wanted to thank him for talking to Connor. He said keeping the penthouse wasn’t the key to keeping them together. He wanted her to move in to the ranch. She said that wasn’t a good idea. She didn’t think she could live close to Victor and Nikki.

Sally told Chloe that she couldn’t do this with Chelsea. Sally told Chloe that she needed to convince Chelsea that she wasn’t after Adam. She said she wasn’t intimidated by her getting back together with Adam. She said leaving would be the wrong message. Adam told Chelsea that he would find his own place eventually. She said she appreciated that he told Connor that they were good friends.


Chloe noticed that Adam and Chelsea’s conversation was driving Sally insane. Chloe said if she was able to see it, it was a problem. Chloe said she wanted to make things work with the three of them. She said Adam was the problem with them getting along. Chloe said she was disappointed with them. She said Sally should go to New York and interview designers for their spring line. Sally asked if she was trying to get rid of her. Chloe said she needed to fix the situation. Sally agreed to leave.

Victor went to see Victoria. He said he had to tell Adam about the news. He told her to gloat over her victory. Victoria said she would never do that to him. She said she might do it to Adam. He said he wasn’t upset that the division was back under Newman guidance. He said he was sad for Adam. She said Ashland was concerned about Adam’s reaction. She said she didn’t want to talk about Chance Communications. She said she wanted to buy Newman Media.

Victor wondered why she pitched him and not Adam. She said she doubted he would sell the company. He asked if she was going after Adam to avenge Billy. She said it wasn’t a personal vendetta. He asked if it was personal for Ashland. She said it might be. She said the company was important to him. She said she wanted to have a stake in the media business. She asked if he would sell it to her.

Victor told Victoria that he didn’t see the advantage of selling Newman Media to Ashland. He said Adam has done a good job with the business. She said he hasn’t. She said she hasn’t seen any progress at all. He told her they added the fashion platform. She said any success they had was an accident. She said Adam was writing bad checks. She said she has proven herself. She said he should sell it to her and Ashland before Adam does damage. She said when he wasn’t looking, Adam almost let Billy ruin everything.

 The Young And The Restless 01-13-22 Recap | Y&R 13th January 2022 Recap.


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