The Young And The Restless 01-14-22 Recap | Y&R 14th January 2022 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 01-14-22 Recap | Y&R 14th January 2022 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-14-22 Recap,

Ashland asked Lily if Billy was sincere about making peace. He said they trusted him before and then he tried to blackmail him. She said Billy paid the price. She told him to accept the fact that he won and leave Billy alone.


Ashland told Lily he didn’t understand how strong women rush to defend Billy. He said it was shocking. He said Billy deserved to suffer the consequences of his actions. She said Victor’s ongoing vendetta against Billy.

Ashland asked Lily how great she would feel if someone constantly broke her daughter’s heart the way Billy broke Victoria’s heart. Lily said it didn’t justify keeping the war going. She said Billy was working with her at Chancellor. She said he would redeem himself. He said it was smart to have him where she could keep an eye on him. He said she was trying to find out if there would be implications for Chancellor if she brought Billy on.

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Victoria told Victor that she was the reason why Billy backed off of Adam. She said she found out about Billy’s plan and forced him to come clean about it or she would blow his cover. She said if it weren’t for her, Newman Media would be a mess. He said she and Adaam were even now. He said he didn’t want her to use this situation to go after Adam. He said he didn’t like it.

Victoria told Victor that she gave Adam too much responsibility. She said he couldn’t handle it. He said he wouldn’t take Newman Media from Adam to aell it to her. She wanted him to imagine how powerful they would be in the communications industry. She asked how he could turn it down. He wanted to know why Chance Communications wasn’t enough. He warned her that being over confident was dangerous.

Victor asked if Ashland was on board. She said he liked her ambition. He said he wanted to give Adam more time to prove himself. She said it would be a matter of time before he ran the company into the ground. She said she would buy it for a lot less. He said he didn’t see that happening.

Adam turned down Sally’s offer to go to New York. Chelsea interrupted them to tell them it was cold. He told Sally as much as he appreciated her offer, the timing wasn’t right. He walked away from them. Chelsea wanted to know what offer he was talking about. Sally was shocked that she thought she was hitting on Adam. She said she was showing that she was a team player. Chloe came out and Sally walked off. Chelsea told her that she thought Sally made a move on Adam. She said Adam turned Sally down in front of her.

Chloe went to talk to Sally. Chloe told her she was lucky that she was going to New York to take the meetings. Sally hoped she didn’t come up with that to get rid of her. Chloe said they don’t want to fire her. Sally didn’t believe that Chelsea wanted her to work. She said Adam didn’t want to get back together with Chelsea so with her gone, Chelsea would have to face that reality.

Victor went to talk to Adam about Billy. Adam told him Billy gave up. Victor said it wasn’t to prove that he was the bigger person the way Lily said. He said Victoria found out about his plan and stopped it. Adam said Billy’s scheme wouldn’t have worked.

Victor told Adam that Victoria saw Billy’s plan, but he didn’t. He told Adam that he should have seen it. Adam said Victoria had more opportunity to catch Billy in a lie than he did. He wondered why she didn’t say anything. He said he never intended to use the videos of Billy. Victor said Billy would have pushed him to use them.

Victor asked Adam if Sally was involved. Adam said Sally was just as shocked as he was when Billy told them the truth. He said Newman Media was never in any danger. Victor said he was going to take a more active role in the company. Adam said it wasn’t necessary. Victor said it wasn’t up for discussion.

 The Young And The Restless 01-14-22 Recap | Y&R 14th January 2022 Recap.


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