The Young And The Restless 02-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd February 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 02-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd February 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 02-23-21 Recap,

Amanda and Devon ran into Abby. Abby talked to Devon about her plan to have a family. She said she wondered if it was worth it. He said he saw Hilary going through the same thing. She ended up crying and walked away.

Sharon and Rey told Summer about Faith getting suspended. Summer wanted to talk to her to see if she was telling the truth. Faith showed up and said she was. Faith thought Summer was the only one who believed her. Sharon told Faith that she loved the card. Faith left with Summer.

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Sharon and Rey talked about the Faith’s problems. He said he wanted what was best for Faith. They ended up talking about Adam. She said she didn’t want him. He said her actions proved otherwise. He said he wasn’t giving up on them, but they didn’t have a future if she kept seeing Adam. He said Faith was suffering too.

Kyle talked to Mariah about his affair with Tara. He told Mariah that Theo exposed the affair to Sally. Mariah felt there was something else going on. He told her that he had a child. He said the child looked like him. She wanted to know how he felt about being a father. He said he wanted to make sure it was true, but Tara wouldn’t tell him. Mariah asked if he wanted to be a part of the child’s life. He said it wasn’t a normal situation because of Ashland. He said Ashland would cause trouble.

Sally told Phyllis that she wanted a bigger room at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis lied and said there was nothing. Sally thought she didn’t like her because of Summer. Sally said she and Summer made up. Jack showed up. He congratulated Sally on her promotion. Phyllis wanted to talk to him.

Phyllis and Jack talked about Sally. She said Sally had an agenda. He wanted everyone to give her a chance. Phyllis said she was trouble. He wanted proof that she was trouble. She walked away from him. She warned Sally that she didn’t have everyone fooled.

Faith told Summer that she was getting bullied because of Adam’s article. Summer said she was bullied too. She said she changed her ways. She said Faith should have talked to her about it. They talked about Faith drinking. Faith said she did it a couple of times with Jordan.

Sharon was offended when Rey questioned what she was doing as a mother. He asked what would it have done to Faith if she saw her holding Adam’s hand. She said Adam wasn’t a problem. He didn’t believe it. They argued over Chelsea’s therapy. Sharon said she was doing a good thing. He said he had to go to work. Faith walked in the room.

Faith wanted to know what Sharon did. Sharon tried to tell her what happened. Faith got a text. She was upset. She asked Sharon about kissing Adam. Faith asked what was wrong with her. 

The Young And The Restless 02-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd February 2021 Recap.


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