The Young And The Restless 03-18-21 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 03-18-21 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 03-18-21 Recap,

Victor went to see Adam at the penthouse. Adam was worried about the proposal he submitted. Victor said Ashland liked it. Victor said they would get another opportunity if Ashland didn’t like it. Adam thought Victor wanted to keep working with him. They talked about Victoria going after Cyaxares behind Victor’s back. Victor said he didn’t care why she did it. He wondered if she knew what it meant to go against them. Adam said she wanted to show that she could do it on her own. Adam said he admired her. Victor said he would never turn his back on him. Adam said he would prove that Victor was right to believe in him.

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Billy was distracted by the deal for Cyaxares. Lily thought he was thinking about Victoria’s confession. He said it didn’t matter what Victoria said. He said he didn’t feel the same way. She said a part of him wanted it to happen. She said she didn’t think he was over Victoria the way he said he was. He said he didn’t need to think about it. He told her he loved her. She didn’t believe him. She said they shouldn’t see each other outside of work until he figured out what he wanted.

Nikki asked Victoria if she was having second thoughts about the bidding war to help Billy. Victoria didn’t want to talk about it. Nikki asked her about her feelings for Billy. Victoria said she told him that she still loved him. She said Lily accused her of wanting him now that he has become the man she wanted. Nikki wondered what Billy would have done if Victoria didn’t tell him to forget about the confession. Victoria said they shared children. She said she hoped to hear from Ashland soon. She left the room.

Amanda overheard Nathan and Elena break up. He told Elena that he didn’t know what she was thinking about Devon. Victoria ran into Lily. They talked about Cyaxares. Lily told her that she wanted something that she already let go. Victoria told her things changed. She said it had potential. Lily said she didn’t want the company because it was important to her. She said she wanted it to keep someone else from getting it. Victoria said that wasn’t true. She said it was important to her. Lily said it was important to her and Victoria knew that. Lily said it was a trophy for Victoria. Victoria said she was wrong. Victoria said she would come out on top. Lily said if she was that confident she wouldn’t have to convince her.

Elena went to see Devon. She told him that Nathan broke up with her. Devon apologized to her. She asked about her bracelet. He gave it to her and said Amanda found it. He said he didn’t tell Amanda that they slept together, but she knows that they are closer. He said it wasn’t fair to make Elena think they had a future together. He wanted to see where things went with Amanda. Elena wanted him to get the happiness he deserved.

Lily went to Billy and told him that she ran into Victoria. Lily said everything Victoria did was calculated. He said he didn’t want to go backward. He said he wanted to move forward with Lily. She said he was in denial. She said Victoria basically told her that she was coming after him. Victoria went back to the office where Nikki was waiting for her. Victoria told her that she ran into Lily. Victoria said Lily was staking her claim. Nikki said she shouldn’t be surprised that Billy told Lily what she said. Nikki wanted to know what she was going to do. Victoria said she would decide after Ashland accepted her offer.

Amanda went to see Devon. She wanted him to tell her what was going on with Elena. Amanda thought it was more than her being a good listener. She asked if he slept with her. He said he did. She assumed it wasn’t the first time he slept with Elena since they have been seeing each other. He said it happened another time. Amanda wanted to leave, but he said he and Elena weren’t back together.

Amanda was upset that Devon slept with Elena twice. She said he must have had to make sure they weren’t getting back together. He said he had to be with her again to prove that she was part of his past. She asked what would happen if his feelings came back. She said it would be easier to get over him now that she knows who he is. She left the penthouse.

The Young And The Restless 03-18-21 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2021 Recap.


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