The Young And The Restless 03-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th March 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 03-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th March 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 03-19-21 Recap,

Victoria was shocked when she got off the phone. She told Nikki that she didn’t get the bid for Cyaxares. She wondered if she should have gone out to dinner with Ashland. Nikki was shocked, but she apologized for her not getting the bid. Victoria thought Nikki was happy that she didn’t get the company. Nikki said she was her biggest supporter. Victoria said if she won, things would have been bad at home for Nikki. Nikki said she was worried about Victor and Adam working together. Nikki thought she was thinking about Billy and what this would mean for them. Victoria said she failed. Nikki told her to be careful. She told her not to make any sudden moves towards Billy.

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Billy told Lily that they lost the bid. She said it was a long shot. He said they needed to be ready for what Victor and Adam had in store. He said Cyaxares was a weapon pointed at him. She told him to think about their company and not old feuds. He said she sounded like Victoria. Lily said Victoria wasn’t wrong about that. He said he knew she was concerned that he would flip out. He said he didn’t want to get twisted up with Adam again. He said he would do what he did best. They talked about Victoria. Lily told him that she thought their relationship was good, but Victoria wants to make a move. He said something shady happened with the bid.

Victor and Adam celebrated their victory. Ashland thought the company was in good hands. He left to get the contracts ready. Adam said he wanted to see the looks on Billy and Victoria’s faces. Victor didn’t want to gloat. When Chelsea appeared, Adam told her they got Cyaxares. She said to herself that he didn’t know what was coming. She said she wished she could jump out of the chair and tell them off. She said to bid her time and then he would pay.

Adam told Chelsea that he hoped he had her support. She blinked once letting him know that he did have her support. She said to herself that he has done nothing but lie to her. She asked why shouldn’t she lie to him. He said he was going out. When he left, she sent Chloe a text. She said she needed Chloe.

Tara and Kyle ran into each other. They talked about her being in town. They talked about them running into each other. She told him Ashland made her come with him. Kyle wanted to talk about Harrison. She didn’t want to. She said she couldn’t keep doing this. Ashland showed up and heard Tara yelling at Kyle. When Ashland and Tara left, Sally showed up. She told Kyle that Tara was the one who got away. He told her that Tara’s son wasn’t his son. Sally said she didn’t mention the child. She said she wanted them to get along since she was going to be spending time with Jack. Kyle left and Phyllis showed up.

Phyllis told Sally that she would set her up with one of her workers. Sally thought she must that she and Jack were friends. Phyllis said she would have a problem with it if it became more than that. They ended up arguing. Phyllis said Jack was too good for Sally. Sally said she was an upgrade to the other women in his life. Phyllis asked if she thought she was smart. Phyllis said Sally’s sweet and innocent act wouldn’t work in Genoa City. Sally ended up leaving.

Billy ran into Victoria. They talked about Adam winning the bid. She said he was preparing for the next big move. He said they would be okay no matter what Adam did. She didn’t want to talk about why she made the bid. He told her not to feel weird about putting herself out there. He said they were good.

When Billy and Victoria were finished talking, she saw Adam. She congratulated him on his win. She said she meant it as much as he did when he congratulated her on being CEO of Newman. He said she was mad because Ashland didn’t like her pitch. She said she wasn’t as desperate as he was. He said she was desperate just not for Cyaxares. He told her about going after Billy after everything he put her through and trying to protect him. He said it was beautiful and pathetic.

Chloe went to see Chelsea. Chelsea said she was tired of sitting around while people talked. Chloe said she was glad that she was over Adam. Chelsea said she needed to do something for herself. Chloe said what she wanted was vague, but she agreed to do it. She told Chelsea to be careful before she left. When Chloe left, Chelsea picked up Adam’s tablet.

Adam was confused when he looked at his phone and saw a conversation between him and Sharon. He read how he told Sharon that he wished they could be free to be with each other. He read that he told her not to ignore him. He read how Sharon told him to leave her alone and that Rey was sick. He read that she wanted him to let her go for good. 

The Young And The Restless 03-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th March 2021 Recap.


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