The Young And The Restless 03-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th March 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 03-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th March 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 03-26-21 Recap,

Sharon brought Rey home. She was upset knowing that the house had poison in it. He agreed with her. He said it was scary, but they would get through it. He said the house was cleared. He was glad that he was the only one who was targeted. He wanted to find out who poisoned him. He suspected that Adam was the one who tried to poison him. She said Adam wasn’t the only one who could have done it. She said it could have been someone he arrested. Rey said Adam had access to ranch. He said Adam has been going after her. She couldn’t believe that Adam would do something like that. He said he would get proof about who did it. He said he would make the person pay regardless of who it was.

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Jack went to confront Phyllis. He told her they had unfinished business. He told her she was up to something. Sally showed up when he told Phyllis that he wasn’t leaving until he found out what she was up to. He said he was upset with the way she was acting. She said she was all over the place because of Kyle and Summer. Jack wanted to know what was going on. He wanted to know what she was hiding from him. Sally interrupted them. Jack said they weren’t finished. Phyllis said they were finished. She said everything was okay. Jack and Sally left. Nick showed up and wanted to know what was going on.

Phyllis told Nick that it was a misunderstanding. Nick didn’t believe it. He thought she had a problem with Jack seeing Sally. Nick told her to leave it alone. She said she was protecting her friend. They talked about Rey being poisoned. Nick thought Adam did it, but he didn’t talk to Sharon yet. Phyllis didn’t think Sharon would like that theory. Nick said it was time for Sharon to see what kind of person Adam was.

Adam asked Dr. Cavett about Chelsea’s progress. She said there hasn’t been any progress. Chelsea said to herself that he was a step behind her and would never know what was going on until it was too late. Dr. Cavett told Chelsea to keep working before she left. Adam told Chelsea that he wondered if she found a way to send the texts to Sharon. He wondered who sent them if Chelsea didn’t. Adam called Chloe and told her that they wanted to see her.

When Chloe showed up at the penthouse, Adam asked her if she sent the texts to Sharon. He said she hacked into his phone. She said she didn’t know how to do that. Adam said Kevin knew how to do it. She denied the accusation. He accused her of using his tablet and told her to confess. He said if he found out she did it he wouldn’t forgive her. She said he was deflecting. She said he made a pass at Sharon and got caught. She told him to apologize to Chelsea. Chelsea enjoyed what Chloe was doing.

Adam denied Chloe’s suggestion. Chloe said the picture of him kissing Sharon said differently. He reassured Chelsea that he didn’t do anything. Chloe told Adam that she didn’t have to do anything to sabotage him because he would do it on his own. He said she couldn’t control her hatred for him. She said she would never risk her family’s happiness again. She said he wasn’t worth it. Adam said Chloe and Chelsea were the only ones who had access to it. Chloe ended up leaving.

Nikki brought Faith home to the ranch while Sharon and Rey were arguing. Faith went upstairs to get her things. Rey said he wanted to go to the D.A. When he went upstairs, Sharon told her that Rey thought Adam was the one poisoning him. Nikki thought the theory made sense. She said she was going to tell Victor about it. Sharon asked her not to until it is confirmed that he did it. Rey overheard their conversation. Nikki yelled at Sharon for trying to protect Adam. She said she couldn’t imagine what it was doing to Rey.

Sharon looked at the texts on her phone. Nick showed up to check on her. She thought he suspected Adam of poisoning Rey. She said there wasn’t any proof that Adam did it. Nick told her to stop making excuses for Adam. She said she didn’t understand why Adam would do it. Nick said he hoped Rey and the police nailed him for what he’s done. He said he hoped he got what he deserved.

Rey met with Michael. Rey told him about his theory about Adam. Michael said they didn’t have any proof. Rey said he could be planning on doing something else. Rey wanted a warrant. Michael thought it wasn’t necessary. Rey asked if he was going to help him or not. 

The Young And The Restless 03-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th March 2021 Recap.


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