The Young And The Restless 03-30-21 Recap | Y&R 30th March 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 03-30-21 Recap | Y&R 30th March 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 03-30-21 Recap,

Chloe went to see Chelsea. Chelsea told her it was over. She said Adam was on the run from the police. Chloe asked if her plan worked. Chloe wanted to know what happened, but Chelsea didn’t want to tell her everything so she could have plausible deniability.

Chelsea told Chloe that Rey showed up with a search warrant. She said Adam left. She said Rey found the poison she put upstairs. Chloe realized that was why Rey was in the hospital. Chelsea said she was happy. Chloe asked her hpw could she do it.

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Chelsea didn’t get why Chloe was upset. Chelsea said she didn’t give Rey enough to kill him. Chloe said Sharon and Faith could have been exposed to it. Chelsea said the ends justified the means. She said no one would suspect them. Chloe didn’t like hearing Chelsea talk about setting Adam up with the texts. Chloe was upset that she was an accessory to a crime. Chloe said she didn’t think the plan would involve murder. Chelsea said she wouldn’t go to prison.

Sharon asked Rey if he thought she knew where Adam was. Rey wanted her to think of where Adam would go. She asked if she was getting interrogated. She asked if he believed her. He said she lied about the things missing in the house. He said Adam was dangerous and had to be stopped. He told her to let him know if she heard from Adam. He was going to look for Adam.

Nikki went to Sharon’s place. Nikki told her about Faith’s secret admirer being Jordan and she humiliated her. Sharon said she knew Jordan was trouble. Nikki said Faith disappeared. Sharon called Faith, but got her voicemail. Nikki told her a bottle of tequila was missing. Sharon was furious that she let Faith leave with the alcohol.

Sharon called Nick and told him about Faith. Sharon told him that Faith took a bottle of tequila. He thought Faith was probably on tbe ranch. He said he was on his way to the ranch.

Victor thought it was funny that Rey had a warrant for Adam’s arrest. Rey said Adam was getting arrested for attempting to kill him. Victor told him not to make accusations against his son. Victor said he didn’t know where Adam was. Victor said Adam was probably with the woman he loved. Rey said Adam left his place. Rey told Victor about aiding and abeting. Victor wanted to know who he was talking ro. Victor warned him not to threaten him.

Rey went to see Michael. Rey told him he couldn’t find Adam. Sharon called Rey and told him to come home. She said she was scared because Faith was missing. Rey let Michael know what was going on with Faith before he left.

Victor went to Adam’s place. He asked Chelsea about Adam. He told her that Rey was spreading lies. Victor said he would bring Adam back to her. He told her not to worry. Chelsea said to herself that he couldn’t put things back together again.

When Victor left, Chloe said Victor would figure out what was going on. Chelsea said the plan was foolproof. She said she had an alibi because of her doctor. Chloe said she didn’t have an alibi. Chelsea asked if she could trust her or was she turning her in. Chloe said they were in this together. Chloe said she would go down with her.

Victor showed up at Sharon’s house. He said no one saw Faith. He got a call from someone he told to pursue it. When he got off the phone, he told everyone that one of the ranch trucks were missing. Sharon was scared because Faith couldn’t drive.

Sharon was scared because it was dark and Faith was drinking. Sharon and Nick went to look for her. Nikki felt guilty, but Victor let her know it wasn’t her fault. Faith swerved off the road as a horn beeped. Faith was trying to look at her phone. 

The Young And The Restless 03-30-21 Recap | Y&R 30th March 2021 Recap.


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