The Young And The Restless 03-31-21 Recap | Y&R 31st March 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 03-31-21 Recap | Y&R 31st March 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 03-31-21 Recap,

Nathan called Sharon and told her that Faith was in a car accident. He said she and Nick had to get to the hospital right away. When Nathan got off the phone, he looked at Faith in the bed. She was unconscious. Sharon and Nick were at the hospital.

Nathan told Sharon and Nick that Faith was in an accident. He said she had internal bruising on her kidneys. She also had cracked ribs. He said her head injury would be known when she regain consciousness. They wanted to know if Faith was drinking. Nathan said there was alcohol in her blood and she was driving without a seatbelt. He said they were lucky she was found when she was. Nick asked who found her. Nathan said it was a man who left after she was found.

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Sharon sat by Faith. Sharon said she failed her. She said it was a hard year for them. She said they would never give up her. She asked Faith not to give up on them. Nick asked Nathan about the man who found Faith. Nathan didn’t know anything. Nick went to Faith and told her everyone wanted her to be okay.

Billy was upset about the article about Ashland selling his business to Victor and Adam. Lily told him to stop thinking about it. She realized he was up to something. He said she wouldn’t like it. He said he wanted to make a counter offer. She said they would be paying more than the company was worth. Billy wanted to know why Ashland would go into business with Adam when he couldn’t be trusted.

Lily asked Billy why he couldn’t let it go. She said that he would be attacking his judgment and could get on his bad side. Billy said it was a threat to them. He was willing to take the risk. Lily said he was obsessed.

Summer thanked Phyllis for not telling Jack about Sally. Phyllis said it was hard because Sally was taking advantage of him. She said she was loyal to Summer. Kyle told Jack he wanted to talk to him. Jack thought it had something to do with Ashland. Kyle said it had to do with Tara. Kyle told him how he met Tara. He said he knew she was married. He said he knew she was married. Jack said he wished he knew sooner. He was glad Ashland didn’t know about it. Kyle said he thought Ashland knew. Jack wanted to know every detail.

Jack told Kyle that he didn’t want to get on Asland’s bad side. Kyle said he knew. Jack told him about a hostile takeover Ashland did. Jack told him what he did to his former business partner and then went after his brother. Kyle said Ashland wouldn’t hold back on him or Jabot.

Chelsea wondered where Adam was. Chloe said she didn’t think she would take it this far. Chelsea said Adam forced her to do it. Chloe asked how she did it. Chelsea said she had the poison and sent it to Adam’s P.O. box. She said she had her pick it up. Chloe said she thought she was picking up medical supplies. Chelsea didn’t want to her anything else. She said everyone would know what Adam did. 

The Young And The Restless 03-31-21 Recap | Y&R 31st March 2021 Recap.


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