The Young And The Restless 04-02-21 Recap | Y&R 2nd April 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 04-02-21 Recap | Y&R 2nd April 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 04-02-21 Recap,

Sharon let Faith know that she was in an accident. Faith apologized for doing a stupid thing. She thought Sharon and Nick were mad at her. He said they were glad she was alive. Nathan let them know that Faith was going to make a full recovery.

Victor and Nikki told Victoria that there wasn’t any news on Faith. Nikki blamed herself for what happened and needed to get air. Victoria told Victor that she heard about Adam. She asked if Adam poisoned Rey. She thought Victor didn’t believe Adam did it. She said he didn’t see Adam for what he was. Victor said he was worried about Faith.

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Victoria mentioned Adam again. Victor said Billy was probably spreading that garbage. They got into an argument. He said she was quick to defend Billy but didn’t question the charges against Adam. Victor said it didn’t make sense for Adam to to poison Rey.

Victoria told Victor to back out of the deal and let her buy Cyaxares. He couldn’t believe she would use her brother’s situation to get what she wanted. She said she got it from him. Victor said Adam would be exonerated and would run Cyaxares. He said she was just as obsessed with Adam as she was with Billy.

Billy told Jack that he wanted to make another bid for Cyaxares since Adam was gone. Jack said he wanted to exploit a Newman and expected him to pay for it. Billy said he needed money. Jack said he wasn’t going along with it since Billy wanted to do it for the wrong reasons. Billy said it was about growing the company. Jack refused to change his mind.

Phyllis told Summer that she reached out to Wyatt and planned on sending Sally back to Los Angeles. Summer didn’t think Sally would leave. She said Sally had a good life in Genoa City. Phyllis said she had a plan for that too.

Phyllis met with Lauren to ask her a favor. She asked Lauren if she would consider letting Sally run her store in Los Angeles. Lauren figured out that Phyllis wanted Sally out of town. Lauren wanted to know why she wanted to get rid of her. Phyllis said she knew Sally’s type and didn’t want her to hurt anyone she cared about. Lauren told her to tell her what was going on if she wanted her help.

Faith told Nick and Sharon that she was sorry about her mistake. She said she made the choice to drink and drive. She said she didn’t remember much. She wanted to know how she got there. Sharon told her an anonymous person brought her there. They told her what Jordan did. Faith said she couldn’t handle it. Faith apologized.

Lily confronted Billy about going behind her back and reached out to Ashland. Billy said Jack turned him down. Lily said Ashland didn’t want to meet him. She said they should move on. Victoria showed up and suggested that they work together to steal Cyaxares from her father and Adam.

Billy told Victoria that he and Lily had to agree. Lily told her they would talk about it privately. Victoria left them so they could talk. Billy tried to convince Lily to do it. She said it was personal and risky. She said there was a reason Jill didn’t want to back it. Billy was upset with her saying no. They argued about him doing things behind her back. She said they needed to walk away from the deal. 

The Young And The Restless 04-02-21 Recap | Y&R 2nd April 2021 Recap.


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