The Young And The Restless 04-06-21 Recap | Y&R 6th April 2021 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 04-06-21 Recap | Y&R 6th April 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 04-06-21 Recap,

Rey told Sharon that he couldn’t overlook Faith’s accident. He said she was drinking and driving without a license. He said she would most likely get a fine and community service. He said she would have to get help for drinking. Sharon and Nick agreed that Faith had to pay for what she did.

When Nick left, Rey wanted to talk about Adam. Rey showed her footage of Adam saving Faith. She asked if it made sense for Adam to save Faith after poisoning him. Rey said Adam doing one good thing didn’t change the fact that he was obsessed with her and tried to kill him. He reminded her about the evidence he had on Adam. She said she knew it looked bad but there was more to the story when Chance got shot abd he suspected Billy.

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Sharon sent Adam a text telling him she would be at the lake as soon as she could. Adam sent Sharon a text telling her to make sure she wasn’t followed. She lied to Rey about going to the coffee house.

Lauren asked Phyllis why she was scheming against Sally. Lauren asked if she was afraid of getting on Sally’s bad side. Phyllis said she wasn’t afraid of Sally. Phyllis said Sally moving was the best solution. Lauren asked if Sally threatened Summer. Phyllis didn’t want to talk.

Sutton went to see Amanda. Amanda told him about making Naya give up her children. He said it was Naya’s choice. He said he had a good reason for steering her in that direction. He said it was the right decision. She wondered if his speech writers came up with that. He told her to forgive him.

Amanda told Sutton she didn’t need his approval the way Naya did. She said she looked at the evidence and didn’t think he was responsible for her father’s death. She did she blamed him for her lonely life. She was upset that he didn’t try to fight for her and Hilary to stay together. He said he wanted her to represent him. She said she wouldn’t tell how they knew each other.

Sutton told Amanda that he wanted her to represent him. He said Naya and the family would be grateful. He said it may also help her career. He said he knew she never lost a case. He said he kept tabs on her. He said he wanted to know how she was. She said they weren’t alright. He said they rose above their issues. She said it wasn’t because of him.

Nick went to the hospital. He told Victor and Faith that Adam saved her. Victor was surprised that Adam saved Faith. Sharon showed up and said Adam was able to do good things and bad things. Faith wanted to know if she should forgive him. Nick told her not to. He said Adam was dangerous. He said he wanted Adam to to prison.

Nick told Faith that Adam was the one who poisoned Rey. She wanted to know if he was arrested. Nick said the police were looking for him. Sharon said Faith had to get counseling. Faith said she knew what she did was serious. She wss willing to suffer for her actions.

Phyllis told Summer that she wanted to get rid of Sally but it wasn’t going the way she wanted. Summer saod she had bigger problems than that. She said Kyle was going to meet Ashland. Phyllis didn’t think anything bad would happen. Summer said Ashland was after Kyle. Phyllis said he didn’t know Kyle had an affair with Tara.

Kyle ran into Ashland. Ashland said he never forgot a face. He said Tara tried to convince him he was wrong. He asked Kyle if he spent time in the Hamptons. Kyle said he did. Ashland thought he remembered his wife. Kyle said he didn’t remember her. Ashland asked if he remembered his wife.

Sharon went to meet Adam. She thanked him for saving Faith’s life. She said she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if he didn’t save her. He said when he saw Faith, he stopped. She said she could she couldn’t take losing another child. She said she wouldn’t forget what he did for her and Faith. She brought up Rey being poisoned. She said she wouldn’t forgive him if he did it. He said he didn’t do it. He said she knew it which was why she was there. 

The Young And The Restless 04-06-21 Recap | Y&R 6th April 2021 Recap.


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