The Young And The Restless 04-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th April 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 04-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th April 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 04-07-21 Recap,

Sharon told Adam not to think of her being with him as a sign that she thought he was innocent. He said he wouldn’t poison Rey. She said there was evidence at his house and in his car. He said the evidence was planted. She asked who would frame him. He said it could only be Chelsea.

Adam told Sharon when Rey came to his house, he knew he was being framed. He said when he left and came back, he saw Chelsea smiling. He said she could move. Sharon said it was a far cry from attempting murder and framing him. He said Chelsea was a con artist for years. Sharon wondered who could have helped her. Adam said Chloe helped her.

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Adam told Sharon that she was probably Chelsea’s target. Sharon said Rey’s thibgs were poisoned. Adam didn’t know why. He said the only thing keeping them from being together was Rey. They talked about Adam ending her marriage. She said his feelings were clear when he kissed her. He said he loved Chelsea and wanted to be with her and Connor.

Adam told Sharon that he didn’t send her the text messages. He said they were sent from his tablet. He said Chelsea and Chloe had access to it. He said they were creating evidence. He said he didn’t try to hurt Rey. He told her why Chelsea would do it. Sharon said he should turn himself in and let the police investigate. He didn’t think the police would believe him.

Adam told Sharon he had to trick Chelsea into telling the truth about her condition. He said he needed Sharon’s help. He asked her to go see Chelsea. He said to tell her that he was okay. He said to get Chelsea to follow her. Sharon couldn’t believe he wanted her to set a trap. He thought the plan would work. He asked if she would help him.

Chloe went to see Chelsea. Chloe said she was staying with her since the nurse didn’t feel comfortable because of Adam. Chelsea was glad it would be just the two of them. Chloe wasn’t happy about leaving her kids to help Chelsea’s scheme. Chloe said she was too deep involoved now. Chelsea was upset that there weren’t any leads on Adam.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam didn’t run away. She said he was close and planning his next move. Chelsea said there wasn’t anything left to do. Chloe thought Adam realized what they were doing and would come after them. Chloe said they had to take care of him before he took care of them.

Billy told Lily that he wanted to do a follow up article on Adam committing another crime. Lily thought it was another attack on Adam. She wanted him to drop it. They argued about him trying to work with Victoria. He asked if Lily was against it because he used to be with Victoria. She said that was part of the reason. She said she believed in them. She said if she thought it was good for the company she would go along with it.

Lauren confronted Sally about causing trouble for Summer. Lauren wanted to know what was going on. Sally said she was upset that Summer was chosen to run JVC, but she was over it. Sally said Summer went to L.A. to get information on Sally. Lauren asked why Summer would do that.

Sally told Lauren she didn’t know why Summer did it. Lauren wanted to know what she did. Sally tried to get out of answering, but it didn’t work. Sally told her that she found out something Summer didn’t want to get out. Sally said she needed the info to protect herself. Lauren said that was blackmail. Lauren said she was disappointed.

Billy ran into Victoria. He told her he wasn’t going to do the deal with her. She was confused. He said he hoped Ashland would change his mind now that Adam was on the run. She said he could still sell it to Victor. She said Victor didn’t forget the article he wrote. She said he wanted to bury Billy’s company. She said she was throwing him a lifeline and wanted him to take it. She asked who was calling the shots. 

The Young And The Restless 04-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th April 2021 Recap.


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