The Young And The Restless 04-14-21 Recap | Y&R 14th April 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 04-14-21 Recap | Y&R 14th April 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 04-14-21 Recap,

Sharon asked Rey what happened with Adam. Rey said he wasn’t at the cabin. He said someone tipped Adam off. She said she didn’t do it. He asked her where Adam would go. She said he probably didn’t go far. She said he wanted to prove his innocence. They talked about Chelsea suddenly being able to talk. He didn’t think Chelsea was the one who did it. Sharon wanted him to be careful. She said if Adam was right, Chelsea already tried to kill him.

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Billy and Lily talked about Amanda wanting to see them. Lily thought it was about Victor poaching their clients. Amanda came in and told them that she needed to leave. He was afraid that it was for medical reasons. She said her mother gave her an opportunity. Lily asked Amanda about her mother’s connection to Sutton. Amanda said she worked for him. While they were talking, Ashland called Billy. Ashland told him he had Victoria on the phone too. Ashland said he was having second thoughts about the deal he made with Victor so he wanted to meet them. When Billy got off the phone, he told Lily that Ashland must have listened to him. She said she wasn’t going to the meeting. She said they made an offer and Ashland didn’t like it. She said Ashland was playing games with them so she wasn’t interested.

Nathan wanted to talk to Elena about their relationship. He said they may not have been meant to be as a couple, but they could go back to being friends. She asked if he still believed they could be together. She said she understood that he wanted to take a step back romantically. She said it gave her a chance to think. She said she wasn’t wrong to feel insecure. She said she was wrong for the way she reacted. She said Devon was interested in Amanda and trying to be with him was a waste. She apologized for realizing it too late. She asked if it was too late.

Elena told Nathan that it would hurt to be friends when she had feelings for him. She said she forgave herself and decided to let go of Devon. She said she and Nathan could be happy. He said it wasn’t as if he didn’t want it. He said they missed their chance. He said he would always wonder what would happen if Devon wanted her back. She said she understood how he felt. She said she ruined things for them.

Victor was shocked to see Adam at the ranch. Adam said he didn’t know where else to go. Victor told Adam that he knew he didn’t poison Rey. Victor wanted to know who set him up. Adam said Chelsea did it. He said she wasn’t paralyzed anymore. Victor said Nick told him that Chelsea was talking. He said Chelsea sent Nick to Sharon. Victor asked if Adam asked Sharon for help. Victor said that would be a mistake. Adam said she brought him clothes and food and went to Chelsea. He said she told Rey where he was. Victor told him to hide in the tackhouse until things got better. Adam said he wished he went to him sooner.

Victoria and Billy met with Ashland. Ashland said he told Victor that he was backing out of their deal. Billy wanted to know why he and Victoria were there. Billy said they made their pitches. Ashland wanted to hear different opinions. He wanted Victoria to tell him why it would be a mistake to let Billy be in charge. Victoria and Billy didn’t want to do that. Ashland pulled out a coin to make the decision. When he tossed the coin, he said there was a winner. Victoria won the coin toss. She told Billy that she wouldn’t go after his company the way Victor would have.

Rey went to see Chelsea. He made reference to the progress she made. She showed him that she could raise her arm. She said she wanted to hug her son. He wanted to ask her questions about Adam. She said she was ashamed that she fell for Adam. She said Rey was right. She said she has been a fool. She said Chloe opened her eyes. Chelsea said she thought Adam was innocent, but Chloe showed her the picture of Sharon and Adam kissing. He asked her how it made her feel. She said she was enraged. She said she was embarrassed. She said Adam was obsessed with Sharon. Rey asked where Adam was. She told him to ask Sharon. 

The Young And The Restless 04-14-21 Recap | Y&R 14th April 2021 Recap.


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