The Young And The Restless 05-10-21 Recap | Y&R 10th May 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 05-10-21 Recap | Y&R 10th May 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 05-10-21 Recap,

Chelsea was worried about Victor threatening to take Connor. Chloe said she couldn’t confess because she would go to jail. Chelsea said she had to figure out what Victor’s next move was going to be. She was scared that Victor had Connor already. Chloe said the headmaster would have called her. She said the school wouldn’t have let him go.

Chelsea told Chloe that Victor was the one they were talking about. She said they knew what Victor was capable of. She said she had to do something. Chloe told her not to confess. She said she would go down as her accomplice. She said there had to be another way.

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Chelsea said she would take Connor out of school and keep him from Victor. She wondered if she could get away from Victor. Chloe said she did it before and could do it again. She said she would help her cover her tracks as long as she doesn’t confess. She wanted Chelsea to answer her, but she kept quiet.

Nick told Victor and Nikki that he tried to reach out to Adam as a father. He said they bonded. Nick said Adam wouldn’t be arrested at the hospital. Victor asked if Adam believed him. Nick said Adam believed he would do anything to save his daughter. Victor wanted Faith and Adam in a private facility.

Nick and Nikki didn’t want to move Faith. Nikki said they didn’t know if Adam was a match. Victor said he wanted to have a plan once they get the word. Nick didn’t want to risk Faith’s life. Victor wasn’t sure if they could trust Nathan. Nick and Victor argued over Adam changing. Nikki said she trusted Nathan. She thought he would help.

Nathan showed up at the ranch. Victor, Nikki and Nick told him what was going on. Victor said the plan was to get Adam to the hospital without being seen. Nick said he promised Adam he wouldn’t go to prison. Nathan said she would have done the same thing. Nathan agreed to help and would make the arrangements.

Adam showed up at Sharon’s place. He wanted to talk to her alone. He told her about his agreement with Nick. She said she couldn’t thank him enough for putting his freedom on the line for her daughter again. He said he wasn’t doing it for Faith. He said he was doing it for her.

Adam told Sharon that she was a part of him and always would be. He said he told himself he was leaving to protect her, but no matter what she was there for him. He said she saw him in a way no one else did. He said he didn’t expect anything to come out of it. He said he would be out of her life when it was over. He said she would be rid of him and his baggage and could move on with Rey.

Adam wondered why Sharon wasn’t happy about it. He asked if Rey was mad that he was a match for Faith and would do whatever it took to save her. He asked if Rey was upset that Faith would be carrying something of his for life. Sharon said she never thought about that. She wanted to get him to the hospital to see if he was a match.

When Nick left the ranch, Victor and Nikki talked about Adam getting arrested. Victor said if the person who poisoned Rey would come forward, Adam wouldn’t be going through this. He said there was a way to convince her. Nikki wanted to know how he was going to do that.

Nikki asked Victor why Adam didn’t want to stay and prove his innocence. Victor said Chelsea was a con artist. He said she fooled everyone. He said the only person she’s ever been committed to was her son. Nikki asked if he would drag his grandchild into this. Victor said he would do anything to protect him even if it meant taking him away from his mother.

Nick went to see Sharon. He told her Nathan agreed to help. Nick said they had to sneak Adam out after the surgery. She said she told Rey that Adam was a potential donor. She said she couldn’t keep it from him. She said Rey was going to arrest Adam. Nick said they would deal with it. Sharon left for the hospital.

Nick was shock that Rey was at Sharon’s house. Adam heard Rey tell Nick that he couldn’t imagine he came back without Adam since he was the only donor. Rey said he wouldn’t do anything before Faith’s surgery. Rey told him not to help Adam get away. 

The Young And The Restless 05-10-21 Recap | Y&R 10th May 2021 Recap.


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