The Young And The Restless 05-24-22 Recap | Y&R 24th May 2022 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 05-24-22 Recap | Y&R 24th May 2022 Recap

The Young And The Restless 05-24-22 Recap,

While at the park, Kyle and Summer talked about Ashland. They wanted him to leave town. She thought living in Milan would make it easier for Ashland to stay away. While they were talking, Diane showed up. She said it was a coincidence, but Kyle didn’t think it was. Harrison showed up. Summer wanted him to go with her, but Kyle wanted her to wait. He introduced Harrison to Diane. Diane said he should come to California. Summer told Kyle they should leave.

Nikki and Victor walked in while Victoria was booking her trip to the spa. Nikki was glad she changed her mind. Victor thought it would be wonderful for both of them. He said things would look different when they came back. Victoria asked if he was planning to do something to Ashland. They got into an argument about Ashland staying in town and trying to win her back. She said Ashland was staying because of Harrison. Victor said he wouldn’t tolerate Ashland being around. Victoria said Ashland was out of the company. She said the annulment was almost complete. He said if she still felt something for Ashland, he could still do damage. Victoria asked Nikki what she told him.


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Michael ran into Ashland. Michael told him to leave town. Michael said he would be forced to take legal action against him, He said he was trying to avoid the paperwork. Ashland said the Newmans attempt to leave town didn’t work. He said he had no plan to interfere the family. He said he didn’t want to cause Victoria any pain. Michael said he wanted to believe him, but he didn’t. He said he was too smart to believe a man like him.

Michael went to see Victor. Michael said he came up with a way to get Ashland out of town. Michael said they will hit him with a lot of legal action and civil suits exposing his fraud. Victor thought it would reflect badly on Victoria. He said it would also hurt the company. Michael said Ashland would give in before it came to that point. He said he ran into him and planted the seed. He said they should start the process soon. He said they would force him to leave town as part of the settlement. Victor said he couldn’t believe his plan. He said he was playing it safe and he knew why.

Victor said Ashland wouldn’t be bothered by lawsuits. He said Harrison was the reason why he hasn’t left town yet. He said Kyle and Summer were going to be taking Harrison back to Milan. Michael said he heard they might be staying in town for a while and that was probably why Ashland was still in town. He said Harrison was Ashland’s Achilles heel. 




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