The Young And The Restless 06-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th June 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 06-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th June 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 06-25-21 Recap,

Phyllis and Nick talked about Summer leaving Kyle. He wanted to know why she was doing it. He realized that every bad decision she made was because of Kyle. She wanted to concentrate on why Summer was willing to give up on Kyle. She questioned why Summer wanted to go to Milan out of the blue. Summer let Kyle know about the call she got about the job offer. He was happy she was being recognized. She said the job would help her career take off. He didn’t like how she was talking like she was taking the job. He said her life was in Genoa City. She said she needed to get away. He assured her that they could get through anything.

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Kyle told Summer that she was fine with their situation. She said she was desperate and that’s why she pushed up the wedding date. She admitted that she couldn’t raise a child with him when the mother is still in his life. She knew he had feelings for Tara. He said Tara liked her and was okay with everything. She told him how she’s seen them being too close to each other. He assured her that she was the only woman he loved. She refused to take him away from his son. He said he would go with her and fly back and forth. She thought he would resent her if he did that because he would miss too many moments in Harrison’s life. She decided to leave so she could have the life she wanted and he could have the one he needed. He believed there had to be a better solution, but she said there wasn’t one.

Denise told Devon and Amanda how she accessed Richard’s phone records. She said he didn’t call anyone from Newman just before he died. She did say that he called Sutton and Naya. She said the call was five minutes. Amanda was shocked by that. She said Naya denied talking to Richard. Denise thought this was important to the case. Amanda thought the evidence was upsetting. She was mad about the secrets. Denise hoped she got the answers she nedded. Devon wasn’t surprised Naya lied to Amanda. She wondered if Naya learned Richard found out about the pregnancy and wanted to confess. She thought Naya could have told him about having two kids or didn’t say anything at all. She wanted to confront Naya and find out the truth.

Later on, Naya arrived in Amanda’s suite. She noticed how angry Amanda seemed on the phone. She wondered if Amanda reconsidered Sutton’s case. She said it depended on her. She wanted to know if Naya spoke to Richard before he died. She asked Naya if she told him about her. She informed Naya that she knew about Richard’s phone records. She knew they talked for five minutes. She admitted that they talked. She said he knew she was pregnant. She said she offered him money to let it go, but he was insulted by it. Richard didn’t care about Sutton. He just wanted his daughters. He knew Naya had twins. Amanda knew she wouldn’t have kept the call from Sutton. She said she would have told him about it.

Amanda realized Sutton had Richard killed. She said he was willing to have him killed just so he wouldn’t know about her and Hilary. Naya was upset by her accusation. Amanda didn’t want her to say anything to her. Naya said Sutton didn’t kill Richard. She said Sutton wouldn’t have done it and she wanted her to believe her. She said she didn’t believe her. 

The Young And The Restless 06-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th June 2021 Recap.


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