The Young And The Restless 07-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th July 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 07-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th July 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 07-29-21 Recap,

Sally continued to check off the items that were mistakenly charged to her room. Phyllis apologized to her from the bar. Phyllis looked at Sally’s phone and saw the text she sent Tara. She deleted the text. She went back to Sally’s table and put the phone back. She agreed to pay for what she was responsible for paying. Phyllis offered her a spa day and Sally thought she was being too nice. Sally told her that she was meeting Jack and left.

Tara talked to Kyle about Ashland being unreasonable about Harrison. She thought she and Kyle should talk to Harrison about Ashland together. Kyle was hesitant about that. He thought she and Ashland should talk about it. She realized he was right about hat. He noticed that something seemed to be bothering Tara. She said it was one thing after another for her. She didn’t think Harrison would have any peace. He assured her that he would be fine. She told him that she had to go so he agreed to watch Harrison.

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Mariah woke up in a strange room and banged on the door for help. She didn’t get a response from anyone. She realized that she was a prisoner. Tessa told Nina that was trying to track Mariah. Nina advised her to do what she felt was right. She told Nina that she asked Mariah to send her a clue if something was wrong. She didn’t respond to her so that made her think something was wrong with her. Nina advised her to trust her instincts about it. Tessa started to breakdown while she checked the app to track Mariah’s phone. She found out that Mariah’s phone was blocked. She wondered what that could mean.

Mariah assured the baby that they would be fine. She said they had to wait to find a way out of the room. She was determined to get back to Abby safe and sound. She heard a noise outside of the room. There was a dumbwaiter with food and prenatal vitamins. They had what they needed except for answers. She banged on the door and wanted to know who the person was that took her and what did they want.

Jack saw Kyle and noticed he seemed upset. He told his father about confronting Phyllis. Jack thought she needed to stop butting in people’s business. Kyle thought she was looking for someone to blame for Summer leaving town so she blamed Tara. He said that Phyllis thought Tara was working with Sally. He thought it didn’t make sense and didn’t think Tara would do it. He wasn’t sure about Sally. He thought Sally would do something like that. Jack said that Sally was trying to change her ways. Kyle said trying wasn’t succeeding and didn’t want to see him get hurt again.

Tara arrived at the Grand Phoenix to meet with Sally. She wanted to go up to her room to talk. Phyllis noticed them together and saw them go on the elevator. She watched them from the security camera. She saw them arguing. Tara confronted her about sending the text to her. Sally didn’t know what she was talking about. Tara wanted to know what Phyllis knew that she would send an incriminating text to her. Sally told her that she didn’t send the text. Tara showed her the text that she received. Sally realized that Phyllis must have taken her phone and sent the text. She told her to wait in her room while she confronted Phyllis.

Sally confronted Phyllis about the text. Phyllis tried to play innocent. Sally knew she stole the phone and sent the text to Tara. Phyllis pretended not to know what she meant and wondered what was in the text that got her so heated. She warned her that she was making a big mistake by underestimating her. Phyllis said she didn’t underestimate her at all. She wanted to know why she was so upset. Phyllis said if she did send it, why was she so upset about it. Phyllis warned her to come clean about what she did. She wanted to know what she and Tara did to Summer.

Kyle and Jack received messages from Phyllis with a link of the security footage Tara and Sally together. Tara received a text from Kyle. He wanted her to come home because they needed to talk. Kyle wasn’t looking forward to confronting Tara. Jack told him that they needed to know the truth. 

The Young And The Restless 07-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th July 2021 Recap.


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