The Young And The Restless 08-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th August 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 08-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th August 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 08-26-21 Recap,

Mariah thought the pain she had was a pulled muscle. The pain was gone, but it came back. Tessa, Sharon, Devon, Stitch and Abby were talking about the lead. Abby wanted Rey to call. Sharon explained to her that it takes time to get video footage. Abby thought they were lucky that Stitch saw what he did. Devon wanted to know which store Stitch was in when he saw the guy so he told him. Devon said he was at the GCAC so he wondered why he was in that part of towm. He explained that he was feeling nostalgic so he went for a walk in the area. He walked by the pond he and Abby used to go to. He said he went to the store on his way out of town. Devon thought it was convenient that Stitch was there when the guy was at the store. Stitch said he showed up after the guy. Abby said they were closer to finding Mariah because of him.

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Stitch hoped he didn’t make Abby feel uncomfortable when he mentioned the pond. She said she wasn’t upset about it. She enjoyed going there with him. He hoped she could take her son there. She flinched so he apologized. Devon listened to them while they were talking. Abby thanked Stitch for his help. She thought he was a good friend. Phyllis went to the Abbott house. Jack told her that Summer enjoyed the gifts she gave her. She was happy for Summer and Kyle, but she wanted them home. He told her that Summer had a great job and loves it. Phyllis wanted him to admit he was feeling bad too. Jack didn’t consider it a loss. He said it was harder than he was willing to admit. She wanted him to wallow with her. He didn’t want to do that.  He wanted her to go with him.

Nick thanked Victor for helping with Mariah’s disappearance. He said Sharon was worried about her. Nikki said they were doing what they could to help. Nick wondered why Victor wanted him there. He said the investigator found out something about Ashland. Ashland got a call about something he knew would happen. He thanked the person and said he would take care of it. Victoria heard the end of the conversation and wondered what he would handle. He told her it was someone who used to work for him. The person told him about that he was getting calls from reporters. Victoria assumed it was about another Chance Comm article. Ashland thought it might be Newman Media. She agreed that it might be Adam or Victor behind it. He was worried she would hear something from someone other than him. He told her about the older woman who took him under her wing. He bought her radio stations when she died. He said they weren’t together.

Victor told Nikki and Nick about Ashland buying two news stations. Nick didn’t think it was suspicious. Victor said there was more to the story. He said people didn’t want to talk about Ashland’s relationship with the woman who owned the stations. Nick and Nikki weren’t impressed with the info. Victor wanted to get more info. Nikki wanted to know if he was trying to ruin Victoria’s happiness. He didn’t want her to be blind sided. Nick thought his plan could backfire. Victor didn’t want her to find out the truth after the wedding.

Abby noticed that Devon was quiet after Stitch left. She wondered what he thought about Stitch’s lead. She wondered if he thought Stitch was lying. He didn’t want to add more stress on her, but he thought Stitch’s story was too coincidental. He thought the timing of his return was too convenient. He notices he kept putting off leaving town. He showed up there without a job. Abby wondered why he thought he would do that. She told him that he wanted to check on her because of Mariah. Devon thought Stitch went out of his way to comfort her. He thought he might be taking advantage of her.

The Young And The Restless 08-26-21 Recap | Y&R 26th August 2021 Recap.


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