The Young And The Restless 09-01-21 Recap | Y&R 1st September 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 09-01-21 Recap | Y&R 1st September 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 09-01-21 Recap,

Devon told Amanda about what happened when Mariah had the baby. She called him a hero. He didn’t want her to call him the father. She said he had a biological connection to the baby and he helped deliver him. She was sure he felt something for the baby. He said Chance was his father. He did admit that he was excited and never felt that way before. She was proud of him for accusing Stitch.

Mariah had a nightmare and screamed at Abby about the baby. She wanted to know what happened to him. She assured him that the baby was fine. She relaxed once she realized the baby was okay. She talked about how she was alone except for the baby. She said they were determined to get out of confinement. Abby blamed herself for what happened. She allowed Stitch back in her life and should have seen it coming. Stitch was down on his luck and thought his plan would make her grateful to him. Mariah let her know it wasn’t her fault. She said what Stitch did was despicable.

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Nick and Victor talked about what Stitch did to Mariah. Victor was glad that Abby could put the mess behind him. He walked away to take a phone call. Billy walked up Nick and they congratulated each other on the new addition to the family. Nick told him that Stitch should hope he never got his hands on him. Billy liked how protective he was of Abby. He wanted to talk to him about Victoria. He thought she needed help. Nick reminded him to stay out of her relationship with Ashland. Billy told him about the stations Ashland got after his wealthy benefactor passed away. He thought it was weird how a young person was able to buy two stations. Billy thought Nick knew already. He thought Nick and Victor did a background check on Ashland. Nick told him that he needed a good reason to get involved. He told him to let him know if he came up with something.

Victoria wanted to see Billy, but Lily informed her that he was out. She asked her about people questioning people Ashland knew about his past. She knew the questions were coming from Chance Comm. She was surprised Lily was willing to go along with it. Lily told her the place was a partnership and they go after news. Victoria wanted to know they would do that to a dying man. She said Billy was trying to protect the kids, but she thought it was about her.

Abby and Mariah were finished visiting with the baby and ran into Rey and Sharon. They said Stitch went to Iowa and took Max. They ended up leaving. He was on the run with Max. He thought they were looking for a fresh start someone else. There’s an APB out on them. Mariah wanted to know if he was going to get away with what he did. Abby felt bad. Mariah asked why she cared about Stitch at all. Abby was angry, but sad at the same time. Mariah had enough anger for both of them. She wanted him to go to jail. 

The Young And The Restless 09-01-21 Recap | Y&R 1st September 2021 Recap.


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