The Young And The Restless 09-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd September 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 09-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd September 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 09-23-21 Recap,

Jack looked at the wedding invitation from Kyle and Summer’s wedding. Traci wanted to know if he would go with her to see Abby and Dominic. He didn’t want to go. He wanted to wait up to call Kyle. Traci wanted to know if he was okay. He said he was tired and complained that Kyle and Summer were getting married and he’s going alone. Traci noticed a pattern with him and thought he hadn’t been himself since their mother died. She told him that he wouldn’t be alone for long. Traci left him alone and he thought about how his son was getting married while he was alone. He heard Dina tell him how kids grow up so fast. He looked at a picture of his mother and said hello to her. He fell asleep in a chair. He had a dream that he was talking to his mother. She told him to cherish everything and follow his heart.

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Jack had another dream that he was at Abby’s place. He saw her with Dominic. She wanted Dominic to grow up and have a big heart like her Uncle Jack. He thought Abby was a natural at parenting. Traci appeared and told him that a relationship between children and parents is the first true love people experience. He said they spend their lives trying to live up to the promises they make to their children. Traci said they couldn’t protect their children from everything. She talked to him about moving on with his life. She said he loved to be in love. He said that everyone wanted that. Traci didn’t think anyone wanted it the way he did. He said that he never found the right woman and Traci wondered if that was true.

Phyllis showed up in his dream. She blew a kiss at him. She ended up disappearing. Traci returned and questioned their parents’ relationship. Jack wasn’t sure they would ever have the answers about their relationship. Traci said she was writing their mother’s story so she hoped to get the answers they needed. Jack didn’t want her to give up. She said when it came to love he was an optimist. She wondered if their dad knew their mother would leave. She wanted to know if their love changed or what. She liked to believe that if the situation were different, they would have stayed together. She thought Jack wanted to believe in love and have a happy ending.

Nick grabbed Jack. Nick demanded to know what was going on with him. He wanted to know how he could do it. He accused Jack of trying to ruin his happiness with Phyllis. Jack told him that he did worse years ago. Jack denied that he did anything wrong. Nick told him that it was between them. Jack said it wasn’t his intention to come between them. He said he wanted to be honest with him. Nick wanted to know why he would tell Phyllis that he’s in love with her when he knew they were together. He wanted to know what was wrong with him. Phyllis came back and told Nick to stop. She told him that Jack wasn’t responsible for what happened between them. Jack apologized for telling Phyllis about his problems. She said it was fine because he was telling her the truth. Jack told Nick that what he said was true and that he couldn’t move on with his life.

Sally showed up in Jack’s dream. She told him that if he got over Phyllis, she could have loved him more than she ever did. She said he blew it with her. Jack couldn’t believe she blamed him. She said she really cared about him and that he needed to shut the door on the past. He reminded her that they split up because she lied to him. Nick interrupted and reminded her what she did to Summer. She said she was so sorry Summer got a fabulous job in a beautiful place. Jack knew she had morals, but she tended to forget she had them. Sally said she didn’t do anything any worse than Phyllis did in the past. She said she didn’t run anyone over with a car. She wanted to know why Phyllis got a free pass for her actions. Nick and Jack said it was because she’s Phyllis. Sally said they could have had fun together and could have gone to the wedding together. She told him to ask Phyllis. Nick warned him not to think about doing it.

Nikki showed up in Jack’s dream. He was shocked to see her drinking. Nikki told him that he was always jealous of Victor and that was why he hurt Nick. Jack told her that all he did was tell Phyllis how he felt. He didn’t want to do anything to ruin their relationship. Nikki wasn’t sure about that. She thought he told Phyllis the truth so he could destroy her relationship with Nick. Jack said he was drinking and wasn’t aware of what he was doing. She told him to be honest with himself. Victor walked in the room and told Jack to stop trying to be the nice guy. He said that Jack was ruthless. Traci, Nick and Sally showed up again. They told him that he could find love again. He wouldn’t have it with Phyllis. Sally and Nick called him a hypocrite. Jack said he didn’t hurt anyone. He said he didn’t commit a crime by telling Phyllis how he felt.

Jack saw Phyllis again. She knew he wanted to be with her. He woke up and grabbed his phone. He sent a text. He went to Crimson Lights and met with Nick. He admitted that he told Phyllis that she was still in his heart. He said he never stopped loving her. Nick wasn’t surprised by his confession. He knew how Jack felt for a while. He told him that he was an open book. Nick wasn’t threatened by his confession. He understood how he got closer to Phyllis because of what happened to Kyle and Summer. 

 The Young And The Restless 09-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd September 2021 Recap.


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