The Young And The Restless 1-9-20 Recap | Y&R 9th January 2020 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 1-9-20 Recap | Y&R 9th January 2020 Recap

The Young And The Restless 1-9-20 Recap,

Devon told Nick about what was going on with New Hope. Nick told him that he and Chelsea broke up. Phyllis showed up and asked if Chelsea dumped him. Devon left. Nick said he broke up with Chelsea. He said Chelsea was with Adam now.

Phyllis told Nick that she was proud of him for not letting Chelsea jerk him around anymore. He said their feelings were rekindled. Phyllis didn’t think that Chelsea won. Nick agreed with her. He said things wouldn’t end well with Adam and Chelsea.

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Phyllis told Nick that Adam wasn’t a good guy. She said Chelsea didn’t deserve Nick. They talked about Restless Style. They talked about kids. She said he was an amazing role model and father figure. She said he was an incredible person. They talked about Cassie and her birthday. He thanked her for letting him talk about her.

Chelsea went to Adam’s place with the rest of her things. He said he hoped she didn’t have any doubts moving in with him. When the principal from Connor’s school called, Adam said he wanted to do what was best for Connor.

Chelsea said she admired how protective he was. She said he was the man she loved. They said they missed each other. She said she didn’t want to put her and Connor through pain again. Adam said they could build a life together. They went upstairs and nade love.

Rey wondered what was going on with Sharon when she was talking to herself. She said she had a lot of things to accomplish. He said he was so busy lately. She kissed him. He asked if she was okay. She said she wished they could freeze time.

Tessa told Tanner she wasn’t taking the job offer. She said it wasn’t because of Mariah that she was turning it down. She told him not to come over. Mariah showed up to see Tessa. Tessa told Mariah that she turned down the job offer. Tessa said she never loved Tanner. She said she didn’t know what love was until she met her. Mariah told Tessa that she wanted her to take the job. Mariah said she would be okay.

Sharon went to the doctor. She found out that her mammogram was inconclusive as to whether or not she had a lump in her breast. She had to get an ultrasound. She had to wait for the radiologist. The doctor told her the lump in her breast was solid. He told her that she needed a biopsy and a consultation with an oncologist.

The Young And The Restless 1-9-20 Recap | Y&R 9th January 2020 Recap.


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