The Young And The Restless 10-04-21 Recap | Y&R 4th October 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 10-04-21 Recap | Y&R 4th October 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-04-21 Recap,

Ashland was about to call Victoria, but he changed his mind. Nate showed up and they talked. Ashland told him that Victoria knew about his past. He told him that he tried so hard to leave his past behind him. Nate wanted to know if he was still getting married. He wasn’t sure if they were still getting married. Nate still thought he was a decent guy. Ashland appreciated him giving him the benefit of the doubt. He hoped that Victoria felt the same way he did. He told Nate how he fell in love with Victoria. He said planning a future meant everything to him. Nate wondered what he would do now. Ashland wasn’t sure what was going to happen now. He said his head is telling him to wait, but his heart is saying something different.

Nikki found Victoria and she looked like she was deep in thought. Nikki noticed that she didn’t refer to her wedding. She wanted to know what happened and she promised not to judge her. Victoria said she finally knew the truth about Ashland. She told Nikki the truth about Ashland’s past. Nikki understood why Ashland would want to keep that part of his life a secret. She told her that Ashland regretted not telling her. She was able to see it in his eyes that it was a painful story to tell. Victoria wished he told her the truth instead of revealing it when he was backed into a corner. Nikki thought Billy was the one who told her, but Victoria said it was Nick. Victoria was tired of people going behind her back, but Nikki said he was looking out for her. She said that she didn’t want him to interfere with her relationship. Victoria felt like Nick disrespected her wishes. She told Nikki that he wanted to go to Ashland with the truth instead of her.

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Victoria told Nikki that she didn’t want Nick to be at her wedding. Nikki was horrified by it. She wanted Victoria to rethink her decision. She wondered if there was still going to be a wedding. She wanted to know what that meant for them. Victoria said she loved him and that’s all she wanted deal with right now. Nick went to Jack’s place. Phyllis and Jack wondered what took him so long to get there. She wanted to know about his trip. Jack left them alone to talk. Nick told her that he knew for certain that Victoria was making a mistake marrying Ashland. He told her about Ashland being Bobby DeFranco. He let her know how Victoria reacted to the news. He told her that Victoria said he was done with him. Phyllis was shocked that Victoria was done with him. He realized he made a mistake doing the right thing.

Nick told Phyllis that he was no longer invited to the wedding. Phyllis thought Victoria was trying to process everything. They talked about Ashland’s split second decision to leave his friend behind. They understood why he would want to cover up his past. Nick wondered what else he was hiding. He said the only reason why Ashland told the truth was because he was caught. They went back and forth about whether Nick should go to the wedding. Phyllis thought he should work things out with Victoria before it was too late. He said he couldn’t get through to her. Nick would figure it out after Summer’s wedding. He didn’t want that situation to overshadow her big day.

Mariah confronted Tessa about going to Sharon behind her back. Tessa wanted to talk to someone. She said she tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t listening to anything she had to say. Tessa wanted to have children with her one day, but she didn’t think the time was right. Mariah wanted to know why she felt that way. Tessa said her career and where they were living were reasons why they weren’t ready to have children. Mariah wasn’t happy with her reasons. Tessa said she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be pregnant or be a mother. She didn’t want to lie and say she was ready for it. She thought she was making this decision out of desperation. Mariah wanted to know what she meant by that. She thought having a baby would distract Mariah from the issues she needed to deal with. Mariah disagreed with her. She said she wasn’t escaping anything. She was saving herself. Giving birth to Bowie made her realize that she could love and care for a child. Tessa told her that she wasn’t ready for that yet. Mariah wondered how she knew she wasn’t ready. She wanted to be in the right place and wanted to make sure Mariah was healthy enough to have children. Tessa wanted them to communicate with each other more. Mariah agreed to that.

Ashland went to Newman Enterprises to see Victoria. He ran into Nikki. Nikki let him know that Victoria told her the truth. He thought her opinion about him changed. She said she hated what his secret did to her daughter. He hated it too. Nikki didn’t know what Victoria was thinking, but she thought he should give her some space. He decided to get a room at the Grand Phoenix. 

 The Young And The Restless 10-04-21 Recap | Y&R 4th October 2021 Recap.


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