The Young And The Restless 10-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th October 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 10-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th October 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-07-21 Recap,

Billy talked to Nate and Elena about Ashland and Victoria. He thought there was time for Victoria to call off the wedding. He hoped that she did call it off. Elena told Billy that Ashland loved Victoria. He understood that because she was a wonderful person. He said that he moved on with his life. He wanted Victoria to be happy. He didn’t approve of the choices Ashland made. Billy understood that they saw Ashland differently. Nate told him how he admired Ashland for the way he’s dealing with his health. Elena thought he should stop blaming Ashland for things he did in the past.

Nate told Billy that Lily accepted him for who he is now. Billy informed him that Lily knew about his past. He said he told her everything about himself. He said that Ashland couldn’t say the same thing. Billy refused to ignore warning signs. Elena wanted to know if he was going to do anything to stop the wedding. Billy just wanted to make sure that Victoria knew the truth before she did anything. He got a text and told them he would see them in Italy. Elena wasn’t happy about that.

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Victoria hoped Ashland was ready to be completely honest with her. He told her that once he told her the truth she might be hesitant about marrying him. She wanted to know if he committed a crime. He said his secret did concern a crime. He wanted to know if she really wanted to know before it was too late. She insisted that he tell her everything. He explained that he went to see Camilla. He thought he would do a great job, but he was a mess during the interview. He told her that Camilla had more qualified applicants, but they didn’t want the job as much as he did. Camilla took him under her wing. He said that Camilla was alone in the world just like he was so it meant a lot to them that they worked together. He said that she treated him like a son and everything was great until something changed.

Ashland told Victoria that he was grateful for what Camilla did for him and he was devastated when she died. He thought that she would have taken care of him in her will. Victoria asked if there were provisions for him in her will. He said he wasn’t in the will. He said that Gaines told him that she left her money to charities. She left one to a cat sanctuary. Camilla left a letter saying that he could take care of himself. The letter upset him. Gaines was upset about it too. They decided they could fix her will.

Adam saw Elena and Nate together. He texted his contact and told him that he missed Billy. He asked if Billy met with anyone and the contact told him Hastings Dawson. He approached Elena and Nate and asked about Billy. They told him that Billy was there until he received a text. He left as if he received breaking news. Adam didn’t notice any Chance Comm blockbusters on the site. He told them that he wanted to initiate a truce with him before the wedding. He wanted Billy to be happy for Ashland and Victoria. They told him that Billy wasn’t happy for them.

Ashland told Victoria that Gaines wrote a letter to override Camilla’s original letter for Ashland. The letter he wrote gave everything to Ashland. Victoria realized he used Camilla’s money to get the stations. He said that Camilla deserved better and regretted what he did later. He told her that Gaines Sr. liked him and wanted to be rewarded for what he did for him. Victoria asked why Gaines son threatened him. He said that Gaines found out about the original note and started blackmailing him. He said Gaines demanded a lump sum of the money once he found out that he was dying. She realized that the money he was asking his banker for was to pay off Gaines. Ashland told her that Gaines was gone, but he didn’t pay him off. He said Victor was the one who beat him to paying him off. She didn’t understand why her father would get involved. He told her that Victor loved her and said it was a wedding gift. He thought Victor was worried about the public image. He also thought Victor enjoyed having something over his head. He said that the threat isn’t over for him even though Victor paid him.

Billy met with his investigator at his apartment and asked about Gaines. She asked Gaines to join them and he appeared. Billy told him it was good to see him again. He wanted to know why Gaines disappeared. Gaines said Victor offered to pay him more money than he did. He refused to negotiate with him unless he could protect him from the Newmans. Billy was sure he could protect him. Gaines needed more than his word to feel safe. He wanted to sign off on whatever his team had in store for him. Billy wanted to know why he was there in the first place if he was worried about Victor. He knew he wanted the truth to come out, but he wanted to know why he did. He wanted to know what his issue was with Ashland. Gaines said it was personal. Billy would find out why after they made their deal.

Ashland told Victoria that Victor paid Gaines, but he didn’t know about the first letter that Camilla wrote. He said he could still hold that over his head. He said Gaines hated him and always would. He said Gaines’ father didn’t respect him and compared him to Ashland. She said if Gaines wanted to retaliate against him it would affect her company. She said that it would be a big scandal. She said that she would be complicit if she didn’t say anything. He assured her that the statute of limitations has expired on the situation. He said that his reputation and the company’s reputation would be tarnished. He told her that their companies merged so Newman Enterprises would be affected too. He wanted her to put that aside for a minute and asked her what was in her heart. He wanted to know if she still wanted to marry him after what he did.

Billy assumed Gaines’ father helped Ashland make shady deals to buy the news stations. Gaines told him that he was on the right track. He said if he protected him from Victor, he would tell him what he wanted to know. Victoria wanted to protect the company first. She let Ashland know that she was furious about having to deal with that situation. Ashland thought they could still bury it. He was worried about their relationship. She never wanted to be in that situation. He said he never intended to put her in that situation. He said he kept the secret for 40 years and intended to take it to the grave. He apologized for putting her through that. He wanted her to understand why he did it. He hoped there was a chance they could get past what he did. 

 The Young And The Restless 10-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th October 2021 Recap.


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