The Young And The Restless 10-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th October 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 10-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th October 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-19-21 Recap,

Lily asked Billy what they should do about the video. They wanted to go somewhere private so they could talk about the video they have to expose Ashland. Jack and Victoria talked about her wedding. Nikki arrived to talk to them too. Jack was shocked when he found out that Sally designed Victoria’s dress. After he talked to Victoria and Nikki, he walked to Phyllis’ table. He hoped Nick would show up for the reception. He told her that Sally designed Victoria’s dress. Phyllis was upset about that. She thought that she treated her brother like dirt, but she’s being nice to Sally.

Victor and Adam joined Victoria and Nikki. Victor assured them that everything was going to be okay. He made sure that the reception would be drama-free. Nikki and Victoria walked off just as Ashland arrived. He told Victor and Adam that Nick stopped Gaines from disrupting the ceremony. Ashland wanted to know where Gaines was now. Victor said he was safe and that Ashland could have some time alone with him.

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Billy told Lily that they had an hour to publish the story before Gaines decided to report it himself. She reminded him that they weren’t going to publish the story. He told her that the story was coming out anyway. He said they could control the narratives. She didn’t appreciate being pushed into a corner. Jack walked in while they were talking and wanted to know why they were talking about Victoria. Billy told him they were talking about the reality of Ashland’s health. Jack said that was the reason to make the ceremony a happy moment for Ashland. Jack walked away from them. Lily said that Jack was right. She asked him if he really wanted to ruin things for Victoria. He said if they publish the story, they could keep Victoria and the kids safe by controlling the narrative. He said if they didn’t publish the story, someone else would do it. She thought he was trying to have it both ways.

Phyllis found Nick in the suite and noticed he was upset. He told her about Billy bringing Gaines to Italy to destroy the wedding. He said at some point Victor kicked him out and brought Adam into the loop. She wondered if it was because of his issues with Victoria. Nick was upset that his family was so focused on the wedding and the merger that they forgot that Ashland let his best friend die. He told her what Ashland did with the will. He didn’t understand why Victor kept quiet about it. He also wondered what hold Ashland had over his family. They talked about Victor. Phyllis assured him that he was nothing like his father. She said that Victoria is just like their father and would marry a criminal. Nick didn’t want to hear her trash his family. She said that Victoria is a successful businesswoman so she didn’t understand why her family and Billy had to rush to rescue her.

Nick agreed with Phyllis. He said that he wanted to stop the wedding, but he didn’t have a right to tell Victoria how to live her life. He said that he had to remind his family that it was his life when he got back together with her. She wanted to know if he was comparing her to Ashland. He wasn’t doing that. He said that Victoria went into her marriage with both eyes open. He didn’t like the way Victor handled everything. Ashland confronted Gaines. He told him that being there was a mistake. He reminded him that he paid him money to keep him quiet. He wanted to know what more he wanted. Gaines wanted him to experience the same humiliation he felt when his father gushed all over him instead of his own son. Ashland understood how that felt because of the way his father treated him. He said he understood the anger he felt. He wanted to know how it was his fault. Ashland told him that Camilla turned on him in the end. Ashland made fun of him for not knowing what he wanted. He said he gave him money, but it would never be enough. He told Gaines he could have been a wealthy man, but he messed up. Gaines wanted to know if he was going to tell the police on him. He hadn’t decided what to do with him. He said he would figure it out. He locked Gaines in the room.

Ashland saw Billy and Lily. He told them that he couldn’t expose him anymore. He said he admitted Billy was the one who brought him there. He said that Billy was the threat to his future. He asked him not to release the information to protect his wife and son. Billy said he wouldn’t release the information. He said that he was trying to protect Victoria. He said if he released it, he would alienate her more. Billy showed him the video Gaines gave him and he deleted it. Ashland thanked him for doing it. He said he did it so he could have a good relationship with Victoria and his children.

Victor told Adam that Ashland talked to Gaines. He seemed receptive to what he told him. Victor thought he would still cause problems for them. He wanted to keep Gaines from being a problem as a wedding gift to Ashland. Adam agreed to help him. Victor liked how they stepped up for the family. Nick arrived and wanted to talk about something. 

 The Young And The Restless 10-19-21 Recap | Y&R 19th October 2021 Recap.


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