The Young And The Restless 10-25-19 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-25-19

The Young And The Restless 10-25-19 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-25-19 Recap,Sharon was at Crimson Lights and saw Adam. He told her how he was back for his son. He’s over his war with his family. He let her know that Connor moved in with him and wanted her help. He hoped they would be able to get past what happened between them. She wasn’t interested in it. He thought she didn’t trust him and wanted to reassure her that he changed. Rey showed up at their table. Adam walked away. Sharon told him about Connor and that she was helping him. She decided that she wouldn’t help him anymore because of Adam. Rey wasn’t worried about Adam coming between them again. She was shocked he wanted her to help Connor, but she was glad he had faith in her.

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Cane scared Jill at Society. She wondered if Devon would back the estate, but he wasn’t sure he would do that without a law making him do it. Amanda was at the Grand Phoenix and was on the phone with someone. She told the person that the plan was finished. Lily went to see Devon. He told her about what happened with the will. He told her the will was fake and that Chance hired somone who looked like Hilary. He told her that he didn’t trust Cane. He wanted to do good things with the money and didn’t think Cane would do good with it. Lily advised Devon to follow his heart.

Jill and Cane went to Devon’s place. They didn’t expect to see Lily there. She was shocked when she saw Amanda. Lily apologized for the way she acted towards Amanda. Devon realized he could give Katherine’s fortune to Cane or give it to charity. Jill was upset when she thought Devon was giving the money to charity. Devon talked to them about how hard it was dealing with the money. He was going to keep his company and give the rest to Cane. Amanda got started on the paperwork. Jill thought Katherine and Neil would be proud of him. Cane thanked him for making that decision. He was going to honor Katherine’s legacy.

Chelsea and Nick talked about Christian finding out about Connor not living with them. She was upset that Connor was gone. Nick blamed himself for what happened. He thought he forced them to be a family. She was nervous about seeing Connor. Later, Chelsea went to Adam’s place. They talked about how Connor would adapt to being with him. Adam felt that Connor needed to know that he wouldn’t be gone like he was before.

Cane and Lily were at Society. They talked about Devon not trusting him. He knew Devon didn’t trust him because of how he treated her. He planned to prove to everyone that he could do good things with the money. He wanted to know if she was going to stay and help him out. She had to go back to work. They said goodbye and Lily left. Jill called him to tell him something wasn’t right. She looked at the envelope and the post mark from a hotel in Maldives. She realized that Colin was supposed go be there. Cane thought that it could be a coincidence. Jill didn’t think it was one. She thought Chance might not be in on it. Cane wondered if his father was the one that did it. Jill was determined to find him.

The Young And The Restless 10-25-19 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2019 Recap.


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