The Young And The Restless 10-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 10-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 10-25-21 Recap,

Mariah talked to Tessa about feeling selfish about their relationship. She wanted to focus on them. Tessa was worried that their relationship was over. Sje explained how she coped with giving birth. She thought it was a good idea to cut all ties with the baby. She realized she was making things worse. She decided to be in the baby’s life as much as Abby would let her. Tessa admired her for her strength.

Sharon was shocked when Nick brought Noah to Crimson Lights. She wondered why he decided to leave London. He felt like he was stuck in a rut. Noah tried to change the subject. They noticed he tried to change subject. He spotted Tessa and Mariah and went over to them. Nick told Sharon that he wasn’t invited to the wedding. He told her what happened between him and Victoria. They wondered why Noah was back in town and what happened with him in London.

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Abby talked to Ashley about Chance being gone. She said it was rough knowing that Chance was missing things with the baby. Ashley said that she had a lot of people who love her and would help her. They talked about Mariah and how Abby was worried about it. Christine called Abby to let her know she was on her way over with news about Chance. Christine arrived and told her that Chance was transferred to the last location for his mission. She said the building he was in was hit by a bomb. She said the State Department said there weren’t any survivors. Abby thought it had to be a mistake. Christine was still waiting for confirmation from her contacts. Abby didn’t believe Chance was in the building. She would have felt it if Chance died.

Victoria and Ashland talked about their plans for the media. He told her that he didn’t have any regrets about marrying her. He knew he gave her reason to doubt him. She cared about their future and him beating cancer. He looked on the Internet for any information about Gaines. He wondered if Victor handled the threat. She didn’t want to think about Victor. She wanted to focus on their honeymoon.

Lily and Billy wondered why Gaines didn’t expose Ashland. He thought Adam and Victor were a big threat to him. He said Victor was more overt with his threats. He thought he was trying to throw them off their game. They wanted to know why Gaines didn’t go public yet. They realized that Victor tried to distract them from Gaines’ disappearance. They couldn’t imagine Victor making Gaines disappeared, but they wouldn’t put it past Adam.  If they could implicate Adam in a crime, they could destroy Newman Media and get rid of Newman at the same time. 

 The Young And The Restless 10-25-21 Recap | Y&R 25th October 2021 Recap.


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