The Young And The Restless 11-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd November 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 11-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd November 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 11-23-21 Recap,

Ashley let Victor know that Jack was going to Spain with her. He told her that he and Devon found a military pin that proved their suspicions. He let her know that he was going to Spain so Jack didn’t need to go. She told him that she was going as Abby’s mother. Nikki walked in the room and hear Victor say that he was going to be there as her father. Ashley and Victor argued about whether he needed to go. He was convinced that Abby was going to take unnecessary risks. Ashley didn’t see the point in both of them going to Spain. Nikki think Abby would listen to Ashley more than Victor. Ashley agreed with her. She didn’t want Abby to feel like they were ganging up on her. Nikki thought Victor could help Abby at home with his connections. Victor backed down and wanted her to call him when she got there.

Devon told Nick about Abby going to Spain. Nick wondered if there was a possibility that Chance was alive after all. Devon wasn’t sure if it was possible. He said the State Department was sure that he couldn’t be alive. Nick thought it would help Abby face the fact that Chance is dead. He thought Abby would be devastated. Devon thought Dominic would be devastated too. Victor went to see Devon. He let Devon and Nick know that Abby was headed to Spain. He said that Ashley was on her way to Spain to talk Abby out of going to Spain. He said Jack was going with her. Nick was shocked he wasn’t going out there. Victor asked Nick about Noah. He said that he hadn’t seen much of him. Nick snapped at him and told him that his number didn’t change. Nick decided to leave. Devon asked Victor if everything was okay with them. Victor told him that Nick thought he was playing his kids off of each other. He didn’t like the tension between them.

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Phyllis wanted Jack to join her for a cup of coffee. He told her that he was on his way to Spain with Ashley to find Abby. He told her that Abby was trying to prove that Chance was still alive. Phyllis noticed that Jack goes above and beyond for the people he loves. Sharon gave Jack his order and watched him leave. Phyllis wondered why she had a strange look on her face. Sharon wondered what was going on between them. She told her that she and Jack were friends. Sharon noticed something was going on between them and thought it was strange since she just broke up with Nick a few days ago. Phyllis wanted to know what she was implying about her relationship with Jack. Sharon didn’t want Nick to get hurt because she decided to get back together with Jack. She said she was devastated that she and Nick broke up. Nick walked in the room.

Nick wanted to know what was going on between Sharon and Phyllis. Phyllis told him that Sharon thought they broke up because of Jack. She thought everyone should mind their business. Phyllis wanted to know why she was upset. She said she was upset because she failed at the relationship. She walked out of the room. Sharon thought she was protesting too much. Nick decided to change the subject and talked about Noah. She was worried about him just hanging around the house all of the time.

Victor went to Newman Media to talk to Adam. He told him that Billy came to see him. Ashland was there and listened at the door. He told him that Billy offered to step down from Chance Comm if they left Lily run the place alone. Adam wanted to know what they would get out of it. Victor liked the idea of him publicly resigning. He was willing to consider the offer. Adam couldn’t believe he was willing to consider it. Ashland walked in the room. He wanted to know his thoughts too. Victor said Billy’s visit was a shock to him. He didn’t think he had it in him. Adam didn’t believe that Billy had humility. Adam said he knew when to fold. Victor said Billy never knew when to quit. Ashland told them he had a run in with Lily earlier. He said she didn’t know Billy made the offer to Victor. He couldn’t believe his reputation was saved by the truth being exposed. He was willing to do whatever they wanted. Victor said they would follow their original plan. He wanted to let Billy think they’ve accepted his offer and then let him have it. They thought Lily would give up the company and they could buy it at a huge discount. Victor said Billy wouldn’t know what hit him. 

 The Young And The Restless 11-23-21 Recap | Y&R 23rd November 2021 Recap.


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