The Young And The Restless 12-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th December 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 12-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th December 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 12-07-21 Recap,

Ashland wanted to talk to Nick about his break up and his tension with Victoria. He didn’t want to talk about either problem with him. Ashland told him that he was family now. He wanted to know if he regretted him marrying his sister. Victor let Victoria know that Abby found Chance and brought him home. He wanted to invite her to a celebration dinner for him. She wanted to talk about what’s going on with Chance Comm because she agreed to talk about a celebration. He wanted to know if she tried to buy the company to protect Billy. She said that wasn’t the reason why she did it. She wanted to fix what happened between them. He wanted to hear her ideas knew Ashland was on board with it. Victoria told him that Adam wasn’t happy about Ashland being involved. He said Adam doesn’t like being bested. He didn’t care about the company now that Billy has been humiliated. He said he wouldn’t interfere with her and Adam’s bidding war.

Adam ran into Nikki and Phyllis while they were talking. He thought Victor was avoiding him, but Nikki told him that wasn’t true. Phyllis thought he was avoiding him because of the bidding war with Chance Comm. Nikki wasn’t happy that she said that and told him that Victor was consumed with the party for Abby and Chance. Adam was shocked that Chance was alive. Nikki didn’t realize that he didn’t know about Chance. She invited him to come to the party. He couldn’t come because he had plans with Connor. Noah arrived and had a chilly run in with Adam.

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Phyllis warned Nikki not to let Adam have influence on Noah. Nikki wasn’t worried because Noah was didn’t believe Adam has changed. Phyllis wondered why he left London since his career was blossoming. Nikki said that a career wasn’t the most important thing in life. Phyllis thought she was trying to say they broke up over her hotel. Nikki said everything wasn’t about her. Nikki was sorry her relationship with Nick didn’t work out. She said Nick was hurting over their breakup. She thought Phyllis seemed fine. Phyllis snapped at her that she didn’t know what was going on in her head. Nikki didn’t mean to offend her.

Sally saw Billy and wanted to talk to him. He said that he didn’t want her company. He knew something was going on between her and Adam so he didn’t trust her. She wanted to sit with him anyway. Billy knew they were dating. Sally corrected him and said he was her boss. She said there was nothing going on between them. He said that was good because Adam would rip out her soul. She thought something else was going on with him. She hoped he would be okay.

Ashland told Nick that he knew family was important to Victoria and wanted to end the tension between them. He said it wouldn’t work because he didn’t understand how Victoria was okay with what he’s done. He said he wouldn’t forget what Ashland did. He felt the family gave Ashland a pass because he’s sick. He wasn’t sure he was sick at all. He warned him that he would have an enemy for life if he hurt Victoria. Victoria showed up just as Nick threatened him. She told Nick that his promise didn’t mean anything since he went after Ashland again. He said he was being honest with him. Ashland confirmed that he wanted to find out how he felt.

Victoria was upset that Nick wasn’t willing to try with Ashland. She said people change. She realized that Nick didn’t know about Chance being alive and Abby was home. He said he didn’t know so she told him about the party. She wanted to put the tension aside and be there for Abby and Chance. He said he was left out of the loop and on the outs with their father. She said that he had a pattern of blaming others for why he was being alienated when he was the one who caused the problems. She said he always thought he was right and everyone else was wrong. She told him to question what he’s doing wrong. He didn’t like what she said and decided to leave.

 The Young And The Restless 12-07-21 Recap | Y&R 7th December 2021 Recap.


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